TheKAIRI78: Who Is He? Twitch Streamer's Age And Career Are Revealed
Let find out ”TheKAIRI78: Who Is He?” A well-known YouTuber and personality is TheKAIRI78. He has a sizable following of people who always cheer him on.

He began in Mantes-La-Jolie but now resides in Paris. Since joining YouTube on August 8, 2011, he has amassed over 1.4 billion views and 3.88 million subscribers as of 2022. Along with his Call of Duty, personalized zombie map, and tasteful movies.

He has gained popularity for his irate films like “My Twitter Account Block: Rant!” and “Pokémon Go: Shut your mouth now.”


TheKAIRI78: Who Is He? Twitch Streamer's Age And Career Are RevealedThekairi78 is a well known streamer ( Source : Instagram )


What Is The Real Name Of TheKAIRI78?

Jaouad Daouki is the real name of TheKAIRI78.

Jaouad, also known as TheKAIRI78, was born on August 18, 1987, and is 35 years old.

Jaouad was born in Morocco and lived in France until he was seven years old. At age 16, he left college after retaking two years in order to work as a baker for Auchan for eight years.


TheKAIRI78: Who Is He? Twitch Streamer's Age And Career Are Revealed
Jaouad Daouki posing for camera ( Source : instagram )


He spent a year operating forklifts for Peugeot before deciding to focus on his chain after learning that he was gluten intolerant. Jaouad Daouki makes use of a number of social media platforms.

Just like his YouTube subscriber count, he has a sizable online following on every website. On his roughly 1.5 million-followed Twitch channel, Jaouad streams games like GTA V, Fortnite, and Fall Guys.

He follows individuals on Twitter and has 1.09 million followers on Instagram. The videos on Jaouad’s channel are posted every week. His videos frequently acquire hundreds of thousands of views, and after a few months, some of them surpass 500,000.

The majority of the stuff on his channel is gameplay, reaction videos, vlogs, and other things. With more than 5.5 million views as of September 2022, this is his most watched video.

He cries in this video over having his Twitter account suspended. His second-most watched video had accumulated over 4.9 million views as of September 2022. Jaouad and his partner eat a variety of local dishes while touring Auchan.

Quick Info

Real name Jaouad Daouki
Nickname Thekairi78
Date of Birth August 18, 1987
Age 35
Nationality Morrocco

How Rich Is TheKAIRI78? Net Worth In 2022

Jaouad Daouki has a net worth of about $7,920,000.

TheKAIRI78’s YouTube channel averages 3.3 million monthly views, or 109.91 thousand views each day. YouTubers can get between $3 and $7 for every thousand video views.

Jaouad would earn $13,000 a month or $197.84k annually if his income is in this range, according to Net Worth Spot’s projections. For certain YouTube channels, 1,000 video views can earn you more than $7.


Jaouad Daouki is living a lavish life
Jaouad Daouki is living a lavish life ( Source : instagram )


He might make as much as $356.12 thousand a year, on the top end. YouTubers rarely derive their whole income from a single source. Influencers can earn money by marketing their own products, securing sponsorships, or earning commissions via affiliate relationships.

He lives in a nice home and has a comfortable lifestyle. He deserves every dollar he has now because he has worked hard to obtain his whole net worth.

Jaouad inspires people by his impact and motivation. Many people adore him for his nice and humble demeanor.

What Is TheKAIRI78 Nationality?

Jaouad Daouki was born in Morocco and now resides in Paris, France.

He was blessed with wonderful parents who always loved and supported him. He was born and reared in Morocco.

He had always aspired to success, and thus far, he has achieved that goal. He is now a well-known figure, with a sizable fan base and devoted adherents.


Jaouad Daouki while streaming
Jaouad Daouki while streaming ( Source : instagram )


Jaouad also posts numerous photos of both his wife and himself. He and his wife can be seen traveling and having a great time together; they appear to be quite content.

Additionally, he has over a million followers on Instagram, where you may follow him. To find out more about his personal and professional life, follow him at @tk officiel78.

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