Twitch: How Old Is 39daph? Details To Know

Let find ”Twitch: How Old Is 39daph?” Famous Twitch broadcaster Daphne Wai, also known by the handle 39daph, is 24 years old.

She develops material for Sentinels. Although she streams across several genres, her most popular content includes RPG, Resident Evil, Minecraft, and art. She rose to fame by creating Twitch emotes for other broadcasters and sharing digital art broadcasts, but she no longer does that.

Twitch: How Old Is 39daph? Details To Know39daph Walking Wearing Beautiful Outfit

Instead, she is renowned for her famous sarcasm, which occasionally causes her to run into problems with specific groups. She draws inspiration from her Twitch chat because the people there have developed memes and frequently make the same sharp, biting remarks.

Several Twitch streams, including HasanAbi, Aceu, Kyedae, HAchubby, hJune, supertf, and Macaiyla, are close friends of hers. Additionally, she has a puppy named Yion that is well-liked in her community.


Full Name Daphne Wai
Also Known As 39Daph
Age 24 years old
Date of Birth September 3, 1998
Birthplace Canada
Profession Twitch Streamer, Social Media Personality
Partner Brandon (Aceu)


What Is 39daph Age?

39daph, a streamer on Twitch, was born on September 3, 1998, in Canada. She is currently 24 years old.


Twitch: How Old Is 39daph? Details To Know

Her sign is the Virgo. In July 2019, she started updating her Twitch account. Daph has been in a number of videos and become well-known for her acts. She has a large following.

She likes to watch videos of games like Maple Story 2, Red Dead Redemption II, and Terraria. Her dark eyes and light hair are both colored. She is quite gorgeous on the outside. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and adores vivid hues.

The Twitch celebrity began her painting profession when she was about ten years old while playing Maplestory and watching other people sketch their characters. She began a Twitter account after graduating from college, where she sent fanart to her favorite streamers. She also released speedpaints of her artwork for Maplestory.


Details Of 39daph’s Real Name And Relationship Partner

Daphne Wai, better known online as 39daph, is a Canadian social media star who is dating Aceu (Brandon).


39daph With Her Boyfriend Aceu
39daph With Her Boyfriend Aceu ( Source : instagram )


She started dating Aceu, a different Twitch streamer, around the beginning of 2020. She visits Aceu’s home in Los Angeles every few months after they initially connected through mutual friends and began playing video games and frequently streaming together.

Brandon Winn is the real name behind NRG Aceu. 39daph was conceived on April 7, 1995, in Indiana, America.

Aceu is a well-known Twitch broadcaster, YouTuber, businessman, and social media influencer. He has previously played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He is sometimes referred to as iiTzTimmy’s older half-brother in Apex Legends.

What Is 39daph’s Net Worth In 2022

The estimated net worth of Canadian social media and YouTube personality Daphne Wai, also known online as 39daph, in 2022 is $2 million.

She earns money from a variety of sources, including YouTube views, Twitch streams, commissions from art sales, sponsorships, and advertising revenue. Despite receiving a warning from Twitch, her account has a stellar reputation on YouTube and both platforms, and she also sells merchandise made with her artwork.

She only uses Twitch to broadcast. She does, however, occasionally upload to Instagram and her YouTube account to share edited copies of her Twitch sessions. Her most active platforms are Twitch and Twitter, in that order.

She broadcasts four to five days a week beginning at midnight in her time zone for an average of seven hours daily with 8,000 viewers.

Aside from the Art and Just Chatting categories, Daphne has streamed MapleStory 2 the most, doing so for about 262 hours. She prefers playing shorter independent games over large AAA games.

She draws money from a number of different sources. Her YouTube channel generates between $8 and $10,000 per month and $96 and $120,000 per year in revenue for her.

Wai focuses mostly on her Twitch channel and career as an artist, hence her YouTube channel primarily contains highlights of her Twitch streams. She typically has around 3k Twitch subscribers; assuming every single one of them is tier 1, 39daph will make roughly 15,000 each month.

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