Vittoria Conte: Who Is She? Learn About The Daughter Of Antonio Conte


Let find out ”Vittoria Conte: Who Is She? Learn About The Daughter Of Antonio Conte”  Vittoria Conte is the only kid that Antonio Conte and his lovely wife Elisabetta Muscarello have. The discussion on the player’s adored kid follows because people want to know more about her.

Before joining Juventus FC, Vittoria Conte made his debut for Lecce FC. Since then, he has established himself as the most enthusiastic player to ever play at Allianz Arena.

On social media, where he constantly posts about his personal life, he is pretty colorful. The trainer takes pleasure in conversing with and instructing his followers about it.

Before making his Series debut with the first squad on April 6, 1986, at the age of 16, in a 1-1 draw against Pisa, Conte started his career with the youth team of his local club Lecce. Under the direction of manager Carlo Mazzone, he had grown into a crucial member of the group. He suffered a tibia injury in 1987, which might have ended his career.

He eventually succeeded and gained notoriety in athletics as a result of his perseverance and hard work.


Vittoria Conte: Who Is She? Learn About The Daughter Of Antonio ConteChelsea manager Antonio Conte told an Italian newspaper that he won’t stay in London unless his wife and daughter move over with him. This happened back in 2017. ( Source : Extra )


Full name Vittoria Conte
Birthday NOVEMBER 10, 2007
Age 15 years old
Nationality Italian
Father’s name Antonio Conte
Mother’s name Elisabetta Conte



Vittoria Conte: Who Is She?

Being the daughter of renowned football manager Antonio Conte and his wife, Elisabetta Muscarello, Vittoria Conte is well-known.

She frequently goes with her mother to watch her father participate in sports.

Elisabetta Muscarello and Antonio Conte were married for eight years. The pair wed in June 2013 after 15 years of dating; Vittoria is their only child.

Both the player and her daughter identify as Catholics. She appears to be between 5’4 and 5’5″ tall, but she could yet get taller over the next few days.

She also has Italian ancestry because her father is an Italian native. Her father is a well-known figure in the media, thus she is frequently photographed as well. Most often, it takes place when she is with her father. Despite everything, Antonio always gives her father his full support.

Vittoria Conte Birthday And Age: Age Explored

In 2007, Vittoria Conte first commenced business. Elisabetta Muscarello and Antonio Conte’s youngest child was born fourteen years ago.

The mother of Vittoria Conte, Elisabetta Muscarello, was born in Turin, Italy, on December 3, 1975, and is currently 46 years old. Antonio Conte, a former Chelsea manager, is her spouse.


 Vittoria Conte celebrating her birthday with her parents.
Vittoria Conte celebrating her birthday with her parents. ( Source : instagram )

You Can Find Vittoria Conte On Instagram

As of right moment, Vittoria Conte is not active on any social networking platforms. Unlike her father, who has a large following and is highly popular.

On his Instagram account, Antonio frequently shares updates on her daughter and wife. For all the latest information about his daughter and wife, follow him on Instagram till his daughter decides to join the world of social media.

His Instagram account, @antonioconte, currently has 1 million followers. There, he has already been authenticated.

We can observe that Vittoria frequently travels to other locations with her parents thanks to his Instagram name.

During the Scommessopoli match-fixing scandal investigations in 2011–12, Mr. Conte thanked his family for their support and recalled having a great woman at his side who always tried to understand him.

The other woman in his life is his daughter, who is starting to see how anxious her father becomes when he loses a match.



How tall is Vittoria Conte height?


Who is Vittoria Conte’s brother?

Vittoria Conte has a brother named Gianluca
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