Was American Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Married To Kathy Etchingham? Kids And Family Explored

Let’s find out ‘Was American Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Married To Kathy Etchingham?’ JIMI HENDRIX was a guitarist, singer, and composer with a diverse personality.

He was well-known and affluent, had exotic appearance, and played the guitar passionately. Jimi Hendrix became well-known because to his unusual guitar style.

He traveled the world performing before sadly dying at age 27.


Was American Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Married To Kathy Etchingham? Kids And Family Explored
Was American Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Married To Kathy Etchingham? Kids And Family Explored


Was American Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Married To Kathy Etchingham?

Jimi Hendrix dated Lithofayne Pridgon, Kathy Etchingham, and Monika Dannemann prior to these three women. A teenage romance with Betty Jean Morgan was one of those relationships.

He never got married, and it’s not quite clear if he ever had kids.


Jimi Hendrix Wife
Jimi Hendrix with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham (Source: Itv)

Etchingham was born in Derby, the daughter of Dublin-born Charles Etchingham. After her mother left the family when Kathy was ten years old, she enrolled in the Holy Faith Catholic boarding school in Skerries, Dublin.

After being removed from the convent by her mother and traveling back to England, she eventually found her way to London.

Initially at The Cromwellian in Kensington and subsequently at the Scotch of St. James in Mason’s Yard, Etchingham worked as a hairdresser and DJ in London.

The Move, The Animals, The Who, The Kinks, and The Moody Blues were a few of the emerging bands she was aware with at the time. These groups gained notoriety in the US as the British Invasion in the middle of the 1960s.


Does Jimi Hendrix Have Kids?

Hendrix is said to have fathered two children, despite their being considerable debate about the veracity of these tales.

James Sundquist, a Swedish musician, is one of them. After being acknowledged as Jimi Hendrix’s legal son by Swedish courts in 1975, Sundquist made a claim against his father’s property in 1994.

Tamika Hendrix has purportedly also been identified as Hendrix’s illegitimate kid, along with Sundquist; a paternity test has not been conducted, though, and her mother’s desire to inherit any of the money was denied in 1972.

Hendrix is not thought to have ever been married or even close to being married, but numerous women who have been portrayed in biopics appear to have been his most important lovers.

These alleged pregnancies occurred with women Hendrix met while traveling.

Jimi Hendrix Wife
Jimi Hendrix with his son: James Daniel Sundquist (Source: latestnews)

Hendrix’s longest-lasting relationship was with English hairdresser Kathy Etchingham.

On September 24, 1966, the night of Hendrix’s arrival in London, Etchingham, then 20 years old, met Hendrix in the Scotch of St. James nightclub.

They began dating around the time of his rise to stardom. According to her website, Etchingham was the source of inspiration for a number of Hendrix compositions, including “The Wind Cries Mary.”

But according to some histories, Hendrix had quite a few groupies throughout his life, making up a lot of his “girlfriends.”

Despite this, prior to his passing in 1970, he never had children with any of these ladies.


Know More About Jimi Hendrix Parents And Origin

The fact that Hendrix has both Irish and African American origins is intriguing. James Allen Hendrix, sometimes referred to as Al, and Lucille Jeter had him.

He had a difficult upbringing and would occasionally stay with relatives or acquaintances. When Hendrix was born, Lucille was just 17 years old.

After giving birth to their boys Leon and Joseph and two more children together, she finally left the family because of her turbulent relationship with his father, Al. Hendrix had little contact with his mother before to her death in 1958.


When And How Did Jimi Hendrix Die?

Jimi Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, when he was just 27 years old.

In her suite at the Samarkand Hotel, 22, in Notting Hill, London, Jimi Hendrix was discovered lying on the floor, breathing but unconscious.

She called for an ambulance, and at St. Mary Abbots Hospital, Hendrix was declared dead.

Jimi had effectively strangled on his own vomit while under the influence of barbiturates, according to the post-mortem results.

Dannemann said that Hendrix had consumed nine of the sleeping pills she had been prescribed, even though the recommended dosage was just half a tablet.

Many inconsistencies in the “official” timetable have given rise to conspiracy theories. However, Scotland Yard’s months-long inquiry in the early 1990s ended in failure, and the matter was closed.

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