What Are The Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By To Live Her Best Life At 42? Learn More

Learn more about ‘What Are The Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By To Live Her Best Life At 42?’ Kim Kardashian becomes one year older today, but the reality TV star, businesswoman, and mother of four isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The celebrity who is credited with “breaking the internet” is also managing her shapewear company Skims, which the New York Times recently reported has a valuation of $1.6 billion, in addition to caring for her family, collaborating with the company Beyond Meat, and filming the upcoming season of the Kardashians.

Kardashian, who is 42 years old, has every right to feel better than ever. But what is the source of Kim K’s vibrant youth and glow?

Fortunately, we were able to identify a few healthy daily behaviors that Kardashian has been known to do because she has spent a significant portion of her career willingly sharing details of her life with the public. The eating, drinking, and exercise routines Kim Kardashian has developed over the years to maintain her health and feel wonderful are thus being shared with our readers as she makes her 42nd journey around the sun.


What Are The Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By To Live Her Best Life At 42? Learn More
What Are The Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By To Live Her Best Life At 42? Learn More


She Primarily Consumes Plant-Based Foods

According to reports, Kim Kardashian has been following a plant-based diet since 2019. She was also appointed chief flavor consultant for Beyond Meat early this year. Kim K credited her plant-based diet for helping her better control her psoriasis in an interview with People.

According to reports in People, Kardashian said, “I basically try to keep as plant-based as possible, unless it’s a treat day.” I make an effort to consume as many things that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as I can.

The reality TV personality also talked about how switching to plant-based diet has improved her general health.

She said, “It’s made me more aware of how what I put in my body impacts me—not just with the psoriasis, but also with my mood, stress levels, energy, and everything else.”

She Abstains From Alcohol

What Are The Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By To Live Her Best Life At 42? Learn More
Kim Kardashian

Numerous reports claim that Kim Kardashian does not use alcohol and has not shown any desire in doing so in the past. She previously posted a picture of herself on Instagram from her “college years” visiting her elder sister Kourtney on campus, joking that little Kim was chosen to be Kourt’s designated driver.

Kim K stated in the Instagram post, “I despised all of the crazy parties so much that I remained home and never wanted to drink or party EVER.

According to Vogue, Kim’s dislike of wild partying has caused her to mainly refrain from consuming alcohol, with the exception of a few celebratory shots every few years.


She loves Early Morning Exercise And Is Consistent

Kim is committed to her early morning gym program in addition to following a nutritious diet. She recently disclosed to Vogue that she exercises every morning at 5:30. At addition, Kim often works out in the gym six days a week for 60 to 90 minutes, according to Women’s Health.

The majority of Kim K’s workouts, according to her trainer Melissa Alcantara, are weightlifting and strength training sessions.

Alcantara stated in a 2021 article for Women’s Health that “[eighty-five percent] of our regimen is weight training, and the other 15 is made up of cardio.”

Alcantara also calls Kim extremely self-motivated and praises her dedication to fitness because Kim seldom misses her scheduled workouts.

“She simply has a drive. She says, “I have to exercise; it’s part of my existence.” It all comes down to mentality, “According to Alcantara, Women’s Health.


She’s Made Mistakes

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala
She’s Made Mistakes

Kim K. has graciously shared details on the healthy routines she follows, but she has also come under harsh criticism for a number of other problematic routines. The gold dress Marilyn Monroe famously wore when famously sang “Happy Birthday” to former President JFK was worn by the actress at the 2022 Met Gala. It was then discovered that Kardashian had gone to tremendous lengths to reduce enough weight to fit into the form-fitting gown.

She apparently lost about 15 pounds—basically by crash dieting—to fit into this garment.

According to reports in Vogue, Kardashian said: “I would wear a sauna suit twice a day, exercise on the treadmill, completely take off all sugar and all carbohydrates, and just eat the cleanest greens and protein.” “I was so rigid, yet I didn’t starve myself.”

For this Met Gala moment, Kim even briefly gave up her primarily plant-based diet to include more actual meat. Although Kardashian admitted to Allure that a nutritionist and trainer were in charge of her food, going to such lengths for one evening of vintage clothing did have an adverse effect on her health, even triggering a severe psoriasis flare-up.

She allegedly told Allure in August, “Psoriasis burst out across my body and I had psoriatic arthritis, so I couldn’t really move my hands.” “I had to visit a rheumatologist since it was so terrible, and he prescribed me steroids. I was in a panic. It calms down when I remove the meat once again.”

In the end, it’s crucial to realize that although Kim Kardashian looks amazing at 42, a variety of factors—some healthy, some not so great, and almost all the result of an excessive amount of cash and fame—have contributed to this. It may not be possible for everyone to adopt Kim Kardashian’s healthy lifestyle, but it is fascinating to learn about the reality star’s typical day. We can applaud Kim K for her accomplishments and her healthy lifestyle, but we can also learn from her mistakes and make better decisions for ourselves.

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