What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts? Here Is What To Know

Let’s find out ‘What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts?’ Given that standing during the day may be highly good to your general health, you may want to get out of your chair more frequently, whether it be your sofa or your office chair.

(You might even want to spend money on a standing desk for your health!) Yes, standing is good and being sedentary is bad. We’re prepared to share some intriguing news about the potential health effects of working all day while standing.

You’re undoubtedly quite interested in learning how being motionless might really be helpful for your health. First and foremost, simply standing causes muscles to contract and calories to be burned. Additionally, it helps with balance! In fact, standing on one leg is a suggested exercise as you get older to keep your balance. According to WebMD, this “balance test” may also be a significant predictor of how long you’ll live.


What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts? Here Is What To Know
What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts? Here Is What To Know


The risks of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, and specific types of cancer have all been linked to inactivity, according to a MedlinePlus report. It goes without saying that increasing your physical activity by standing is a great idea. A standing desk can help you break up a 40-hour work from home work week. Continue reading to find out the effects of standing all day on your body.

Too Much Of Anything Is Never A Good Thing

What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts? Here Is What To Know
What Are The Side Effects Of Standing Throughout The Day By Experts? Here Is What To Know


Now that you are aware of the health benefits of standing, you should also be aware that anything in excess is never a good idea. The Eat This, Not That! Medical Expert Board member and Director of Medical Content & Education at Ro, Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, cautions that “there is such a thing as too much standing—particularly if you aren’t changing your position very often.”

How much standing is too much? That question has been studied. Dr. Bohl says, “That said, some of the negative side effects—like pain—can show up as early as 30 minutes into standing.” He continues, “That said, things often start going downhill after about two hours of continuous standing, and even more so after about four hours of continuous standing.”


Standing Causes Compression Of  Your Spine

Gravity is dragging your body downward the entire time you’re standing. As Dr. Bohl explains, “One result of this is that the spine becomes compressed, necessitating continuous activation of the neck and core muscles in order to maintain posture. These muscles eventually tire, and prolonged standing can cause fatigue, discomfort, and neck and lower back pain. Leg pain and uncomfortable feet result from the fatigued leg muscles. Blood can pool in the legs as a result of gravity’s constant pull, which can cause circulatory issues.”

Varicose veins are more likely to develop in people who regularly stand for extended periods of time. Through your skin, varicose veins are clearly visible and have an enlarged, twisted appearance.

If You’re Pregnant, Listen Up

pregnant woman standing at desk with coffee mug
If You’re Pregnant, Listen Up


Constant standing, especially for periods longer than eight hours, has another adverse effect that could lead to problems. Long periods of standing have been found to increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight in babies. If you must be on your feet for extended periods of time while pregnant, it is crucial to consult a healthcare provider.

Walking Is Great For Blood Flow, Contracts And Relaxes Your Muscles

It’s a good idea to take a few pauses to switch up your position, walk around, and relax if your job demands you to stand for long periods of time. If you must remain stationary, you could think about keeping a stool close by. If you can get up and move about a little, sitting down and raising both feet off the ground are all wise moves.

Dr. Bohl observes, “Walking about repeatedly contracts and relaxes the muscles, which can be beneficial for improving blood flow. The lymphatic system, a little-discussed bodily system that supports the circulatory system, is also pumped by muscle contractions.”

You shouldn’t wait until after a few hours of standing before taking action if you are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort. Dr. Bohl advises being proactive rather than waiting a few hours or until you reach the point of discomfort before becoming active in order to feel your best. Try moving around for a few minutes every half an hour or so, whether it be by changing positions, stretching, bending the knees, briefly sitting down, or doing something else. If you start to experience back pain or leg swelling, take an even longer break.

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