What Caused Erobb221's Twitch Ban? Here Is The Reason

Let find out ”What Caused Erobb221’s Twitch Ban?” A well-known gamer and Twitch streamer is Erobb221.

Fans of Erobb221 are curious to learn the cause of his Twitch suspension.

He is a well-known Twitch streamer and gamer who, before the ban, had amassed more than 403k followers on his Twitch handle.

Erob221 has been able to grow his following on Twitch as a result of his ingenuity and interaction with his viewers. The broadcaster has a dedicated following of roughly 3000 Twitch viewers who like making fun of him when he streams with the intention of stealing money from rude Wonk Gang members and stupid Erobbers.

The streamer’s ban from the purple platform was originally reported by the Twitter account Streamer Bans, a bot account made to keep track of streamers removed from Twitch.


Full Name Eric Lamont Robbins III Jr
Age 26 years old
BirthDate February 21, 1996
Home Town Missouri
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 75 kgs
Nationality American

Why Is Erobb221 Banned on Twitch?

Erobb221 hasn’t given the genuine explanation for why his channel was banned from the Twitch network.

The streamer believes his improper live-streaming conversation with one of his fans is to blame for the suspension.

A lengthy Reddit thread that was referenced in Erobb’s Twitch talk went into great depth to explain the chat messages.

It is impossible to verify the veracity of any screenshots because of the ban. However, a forum user posted a screenshot of Erobb’s conversation logs that looked surprisingly similar to what he had said live.

He goes by the name Lunn and is accused of threatening a well-known resident in Erobb’s area.

The broadcaster will be prohibited from taking part in any other Shitcamp creators’ Twitch streams for the duration of his suspension according to Twitch’s rules regarding banned users.

As the formal rationale for his removal from the platform, the aforementioned explanation is not confirmed. His claimed activities, however, directly contravene the Twitch TOS and are sufficient grounds for a platform ban.


What Is Erobb221’s Real Name?

Eric Lamont Robbins III Jr., better known as Erobb221 is his true name. However, Eric is known by his online alias to viewers and fans.

While the streamer is live, viewers call him or her by a variety of nicknames, including Emoney, Borby, Rick, Electronic Money, Cucky, and many more.

He was born on February 21, 1996, and is now 26 years old. The broadcaster was raised in Missouri, where he was born and raised. The Pisces zodiac sign corresponds to Eric’s birthday.

Erob is 5 feet 9 inches tall according to the streamer’s images that have been shared. The creator’s final known weight was around 75 kilos.

Robbins earned a bachelor’s degree in sport management in December 2016 with a concentration in communication.

Spanish, French, and English are all languages he speaks with ease. In his leisure time, the streamer likes to create YouTube videos, watch sports, and exercise. Video editing, public speaking, communication, getting along with people, and working under pressure are among Eric’s limited skill set.

Football, eSports, and working as an intern for an eSports team are some of his extracurricular interests.

Eric has a profile on Instagram with the user name @erobb221. The streamer, who now has over 27.9k followers, includes images of his wife and daughter on his page.


Erobb221 Net Worth In 2022

Erobb221 has a net worth of of $1.5 million as of 2022.

The streamer’s wealth is probably the result of his successful professional gaming and broadcasting career. In a similar vein, Erobb began streaming at a young age. As a result, he is highly known and has developed a following on social media.

Dareon pushed Eric to broadcast when he initially joined Twitch so that he could make $5 per week to purchase alcohol.

He made the decision to stream while inebriated, acting like a complete moron and making threats to end the stream if no one donated to him.

More than 403k people subscribe to Erobb221’s channel, which he has built from scratch. In total streams, his channel has received 11.6 million views.

The audience have spent over 15.7 million hours watching the creator’s broadcast because they like the stuff he produces. As a result of this statistics, Erobb also received various sponsorships. The monthly revenue of Erobb221 has not been disclosed. The streamer has not disclosed the amount of money he makes from sponsorships, adverts, and brand endorsements.

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