What Did Trump Say About Kanye West? Things You Should Know

Let’s find out ‘What Did Trump Say About Kanye West?’ Although he previously claimed that he wasn’t “Shakespeare in the flesh,” many people still see Kanye West as a genius.

Because he always tries new ideas and is a one-of-a-kind, he is referred to as one of the greatest artists of our time and the David Bowie of hip-hop. It is also not a secret that West is unwell. He has spent time in a mental institution, and in 2016 he received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Even Kanye West’s most devoted and scandal-prone supporters can no longer support him due to his frequent outbursts and anti-Semitic tirades. Donald Trump, who once said that Kanye was “a buddy of mine for a long time,” is now included in this.


What Did Trump Say About Kanye West? Things You Should Know
What Did Trump Say About Kanye West? Things You Should Know


Two persons with knowledge of the incident claim that former President Donald Trump has warned many people that Kanye West is behaving too “crazy” and that he needs “treatment” from a professional in the days since West said on Twitter that he planned to go “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE.”

For those who are still unaware, West recently tweeted about a plot to commit “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE” and appeared to be supporting “White Lives Matter” by sporting a shirt.

Trump Is Reluctant To Discuss Kanye West For Tactical Reasons

The former president’s remarks came before an interview that was made public over the weekend and in which West’s antisemitism hits new lows. West yells on Drink Champs about “the Jewish people,” but since he identifies as a Jew “as the blood of Christ,” he cannot be charged with anti-Semitism. Then, in a typical neo-Nazi cliche, he asserted that Jews control the entertainment and media industries and possess the Black voice.


Kanye West Talks George Floyd Death Theories on 'Drink Champs' – Billboard
What Did Trump Say About Kanye West? Things You Should Know


Additionally, Trump has advised West to be silent about West for the time being behind closed doors, which is uncommon conduct for the guy who has long loved sharing his unasked opinions on the most recent A-list tabloid gossip and celebrity news. For instance, Trump weighed in quickly on the well-publicized trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp earlier this year. After years of receiving satirical treatment on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Trump thought of sending the Justice Department to “sic them.”

On Sunday, President Trump made it quite clear—if indirectly—that his distancing from the West is geopolitical rather than motivated by any moral concern. In a post on his failing social media platform Truth Social, Trump insulted Jewish voters in the US, accusing them of being unappreciative of his assistance. Trump stated, “I have done more for Israel than any President in history. Contrary to popular belief, “our beautiful Evangelicals are considerably more thankful of this than the members of the Jewish religion, especially those residing in the United States.”

Despite his irrational social media tantrums in response to West’s “White Lives Matter” apparel and the “JEWISH PEOPLE” tweet, Trump has so far kept a deliberate barrier between himself and the Trump-supporting hip-hop star. It is uncertain if West and Trump have had any private conversations recently.


Kanye West’s Mental Health Issues Contributed To His Decline

It’s true that West has been in one of the media sources most closely linked with Trump, which has led some to speculate that his current public fall is related to his mental health. Conservatives initially applauded West for his “independent thinking” after he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s primetime program, including the Indiana attorney general and House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. Before deleting it, Republican Senate candidate in Missouri Eric Schmitt tweeted, “America needs a @kanyewest @KidRock tour.” (Vice’s access to the raw video from that interview, though, makes West seem much more erratic.)


Trump says Kanye Is Acting Too Crazy And Needs Help! Many Agree
Kanye West With Fmr President Donald Trump


West and Trump have been courting one another for a long period, starting around the 2016 presidential election. In addition to making appearances on SNL while sporting a MAGA hat and raving over Trump on Fox News, West has regularly played the role of a MAGA provocateur. Following the arrest of West’s buddy A$AP Rocky in Sweden on allegations of assault, Trump met publicly with West at Trump Tower and the White House and worked to secure Rocky’s release.

But following West’s recent Fox News appearance and anti-Semitic remarks, Trump has turned to the public sphere to lament the low ratings of popular network late-night comedy shows, retweet satirical pieces about Liz Cheney, and call for the reinstatement of Columbus Day. West has not addressed him on his social media channels, in the many written announcements from his political office, or at a rally in Arizona since he indicated he planned to escalate to “death con 3.” The term “DEFCON” is used in American military parlance to describe this state of awareness.

Many People Are Doubting Kanye West’s Mental Health

The MAGA and GOP elite aren’t the only ones who have concerns about West’s mental soundness. Darrell Scott, an Ohio preacher and ardent Trump supporter, once referred to West as a “acquaintance” but now refers to him as a “clown” who is “spewing some bullcrap.” Scott claims that during their Fox News appearance, West “threw Jared [Kushner] under the bus,” which infuriated him.

West attacked Trump’s son-in-law and former White House assistant in the interview. Rapper, in response to his criticism of Josh Kushner’s involvement in a Kim Kardashian apparel firm, said of Jared Kushner’s Middle East diplomatic efforts on Arab-Israeli relations: “I just think it was to make money.”

Scott allegedly phoned Kushner’s father-in-law to discuss the incidents as soon as the Carlson interview aired. What Trump had watched on television appeared to puzzle him more than anything else.

Kanye West interview pulled over 'more hate speech' - BBC News
Kanye West Performing At His Concert


What did you think, then? The pastor claims, “Two minutes after the Tucker show concluded, I contacted Trump.”

After giving the matter some thought, Trump just remarked, “Interesting.”

He adores Trump, I’ll say that much later, Trump remarked. then we started laughing together. “We’ll see what your poll numbers look like in the morning and we’ll have [another] good chuckle about it,” I jokingly informed him, Scott adds.

When the Cleveland preacher informed the former president that West had “certainly thrown Jared under the bus,” Trump is said to have responded as follows:

Well, occasionally these things do happen.

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