Let’s find out “What Disease Is Adam Glasser Suffering From?”  Glasser is a well-known musician from South Africa who performs all over the world.

Adam Glasser’s unusual harmonica style blends his South African ancestry with years spent immersed in the UK jazz scene, where he first started out by playing the piano for both his groups and South African legends like Dudu Pukwana.

He produced their final album, “Inyembezi,” for EMI in 2006 while serving as the experienced South African singing quartet The Manhattan Brothers’ 16-year-old musical director.

Since then, Adam has released two critically acclaimed albums of his own, “Free at First” (winner of the 2010 SAMA Award for Best Modern Jazz Album) and “Mzansi” (nominated 2012 SAMA Best Jazz Album).


What Wrong With Adam Glasser ? Health Update

Adam Glasser’s admirers are concerned about his health and interested in his illness because there are online rumors that he has a disease.

Fans shouldn’t worry, though, as Adam hasn’t publicly stated that he is ill or in poor condition as of 2022, so the rumors could potentially be false.

As seen on social media, he performed at Crookes Social Club earlier this year. Additionally, there is no indication of his illness on social media.

Furthermore, neither his family nor his close acquaintances have ever stated that the musician is ill. Being a renowned person, there are rumors online all the time, though, of course.


What Disease Is Adam Glasser Suffering From
Adam Glasser is a musical director for 16 years of the veteran SA vocal group the Manhattan Brothers ( Source : Facebook )


Free at First’s distinctive melodic cry fully achieves Glasser’s ambition to faithfully reproduce South African jazz voicings on chromatic harmonica. His performances establish a link to the turbulent apartheid era.

Is Adam Glasser A Musical Artist?

South African pianist and chromatic harmonica player Adam Glasser is a genuine innovator and a champion of one of the most recognizable national jazz traditions in the world.

On the harmonica and what is sometimes referred to as “township jazz piano,” he has developed a particular sound. With Free at First, his debut album as a leader, Glasser aims to give this underappreciated instrument its justly deserved moment in the spotlight.

One of a small number of performers, Glasser has discovered a lyrical palette for jazz improvisation on chord changes in any of the twelve keys available in the dynamics of the chromatic harmonica.

As a young artist growing up in Johannesburg and attaining creative adulthood in London, Glasser delighted in the boisterous township pop-jazz sound of the 1970s, as evidenced by songs like Rachabane’s “Tegeni” and “Mafuta.”

How Rich Is Adam Glasser? How Much Does He Worth?

Adam Glasser has an affluent lifestyle, making a sizeable net worth from his long career as a musician.


Adam Glasser released 2 critically acclaimed albums of his own – ‘Free at First’ and ‘Mzansi'
Adam Glasser released 2 critically acclaimed albums of his own – ‘Free at First’ and ‘Mzansi’ ( Source : Facebook )


Along with accumulating wealth, he has built a strong reputation in the music industry for his distinctive style and genuine approach. His work has received widespread acclaim all across the world.

In the 1990s, he played on UK tours with Martha Reeves, Jimmy Witherspoon, and the Vandellas. He also won the Peter Whittingham Award in 1996.

Adam gradually improved his chromatic harmonica abilities and area of expertise, which enabled him to perform and record alongside renowned musicians and film composers.

Adam has had a tremendous musical career, yet his debut album, Free at First, which received the SAMA Award for Best Contemporary Album, wasn’t published until 2009.

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