What Drinking Habits Aid In Stomach Flattening?

Let’s find out ‘What Drinking Habits Aid In Stomach Flattening?’ We occasionally engage in minute dietary and hydration behaviors throughout the course of the day that we are unaware are detrimental to our health. For instance, we tend to sit down for a little too long before getting up to move around.

In instance, our drinking practices may give the impression of being unimportant. We can overdo it on the coffee creamer in the morning or not get enough water during the day. Certain drinking habits might make or break our goals when we are attempting to reduce weight, tone up, or achieve a flatter tummy.

By enhancing digestion, offering beneficial antioxidants, and reducing your daily consumption of sugar or calories, some drinking practices can even aid in fat loss.


What Drinking Habits Aid In Stomach Flattening?
What Drinking Habits Aid In Stomach Flattening?


We talked to Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, CDN, CFT, and Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT, commonly known as the Nutrition Twins, to find more about which healthy drinking habits may help obtain a flatter stomach and ultimately lose weight. Find out what drinking behaviors they advise for a flatter stomach by reading on.

Squeeze Lemon In Your Water

water with lemon
water with lemon


You can add some lemon to your water if you’re searching for a quick and easy approach to make it even slightly healthier than it currently is.

The Nutrition Twins state that because lemon is acidic, it aids in the breakdown of food so that your body may more readily digest it, preventing bloating and enhancing nutrient absorption. “Water and lemon aid to soften stool to clear waste and toxins from the intestines more quickly to bring on a flatter belly,” says the author.

As a further advantage?

The Nutrition Twins state that “lemon has powerful polyphenols that may assist to reduce body fat buildup and prevent obesity.”

Add Cinnamon To Coffee, Tea, Milk, Or Hot Chocolate

coffee with cinnamon sticks
coffee with cinnamon sticks


The Nutrition Twins assert that cinnamon is a naturally sweet, calorie- and sugar-free, anti-inflammatory substitute for sugar. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to lower body weight and belly fat, assisting in the fight against obesity.

The Twins write, “Cinnamon can also help stabilize blood sugar, minimizing the dips that lead to sugar cravings, overeating, and ensuing abdominal fat accumulation.”

Cut Down On Alcohol

refusing alcohol
refusing alcohol


Most people are alright with moderate alcohol use, but Coleman advises against it when attempting to lean out and lose weight.

Alcohol consumption has been found to increase the risk of weight gain and abdominal obesity, according to studies. So, adds Coleman, “Skip the wine if you want to lose the stomach and get in the best shape of your life.”

Limit Drinks That Contain Sugar

sugary drinks
sugary drinks


You may want to steer clear of drinks containing a lot of added sugar, such as sodas and sports drinks, as much as you can because some studies have found a direct correlation between them and an increase in belly fat.

Coleman adds that there is yet another factor that can make sugary beverages detrimental to abdominal obesity.

According to her, “the sugar from these drinks can create inflammation, which can weaken your immune system, making you more prone to disease and possibly increasing the risk of gaining additional body fat.”

Coleman advises consuming more naturally prepared fruit juices if you’re searching for a pleasant substitute for beverages that are high in sugar.

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