What Happened To Big Meech: Did He Get Shot?

Find out ‘What Happened To Big Meech: Did He Get Shot?’ Big Meech is a moniker that many people are familiar with. Others recognize him as a notorious member of the Black Mafia Family, while others recognize him as an American businessman and entrepreneur. His supporters and admirers have long been curious about his family.

A new TV drama called Black Mafia Family is about Big Meech, one of the most prominent drug lords in the United States in the early 2000s. With each new episode of Starz’s The Black Mafia Family, the show’s popularity has increased.


What Happened To Big Meech: Did He Get Shot?
What Happened To Big Meech: Did He Get Shot?


Along with learning more about the beginnings of the drug industry, many people have also uncovered previously unreported information about Meech’s family.


What Happened To Big Meech: Did He Get Shot?

Big Meech wasn’t shot, sadly. However, Big Meech and his brother were given a 30-year prison term in 2008 after being found guilty of leading one of the biggest drug-trafficking and money-laundering networks in Michigan.


Big Meech arrested
Southwest had his sentence reduced by six years and later left prison to complete his sentence under house arrest after authorities approved his compassionate release. (Source: Twitter)

As a result of the United States Sentencing Guidelines’ revisions 782 and 788, which revised all drug offenses committed before November 2014, Big Meech will be freed in the early months of 2028. In October 2021, he was also observed volunteering for a cause to aid in his early release.

Big Meech and his younger brother Terry, alias Southwest T, started off selling cocaine in high school before expanding their operations to distribute cocaine all over the country.

He and his brother Terry established the Black Mafia Family, a sizable criminal gang that is in charge of managing the distribution of numerous kilograms of cocaine throughout several states.


Meet Big Meech’s Daughter Neeka

Neeka is the name of Big Meech’s daughter from a prior union with Lori Walker.

However, at least two young women have recently declared that Big Meech is their father on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. With reports that he has daughters like Demetria and Neeka, the Black Mafia Family series has once more revealed the affairs of the Mafia lord who is currently behind bars.

In actuality, very little is known about Neeka, including her birthdate or any other kind of identity.

Furthermore, there is no way to tell how Big Meech was involved or how she spent her youth. The drug lord allegedly had her with Lori Walker, according to the series.


Big Meech Family Details Explored

Charles and Lucille Flenory welcomed Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory into the world on June 21, 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. Terry Flenory and Nicole were later welcomed as children by Charles and Lucille.


Big Meech..
Meech is heavily involved in charity work, and Wade believes that his efforts will help him in his next request for release. (Source: thenetline.com)

In the late 1980s, Terry and Demetrius started selling narcotics in their high school. The little narcotics trade expanded into a multi-million dollar operation. Big Meech’s parents had little interest in their boys’ personal lives.

Regrettably, Charles Flenory passed away in early July 2017. Periodic updates on Meech’s life within the prison have been sent by his mother, Lucille. She spoke with Atlanta’s V103 radio station about Meech’s response to Rick Ross’ song BMF. Lucille remarked that she like the song because it honored Meech.

Meech is a family-oriented individual who his mother said she deeply admires.

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