What Happened To Derrick Body: Did He Lose Weight?

Find out ‘What Happened To Derrick Body: Did He Lose Weight?’ American mixed martial artist (MMA) legend Derrick James Lewis is the current champion and owns the record for most knockouts in UFC history.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight class is where the knockout artist competes, and she has been fighting professionally since 2010.

He competes for Bellator MMA and Legacy FC in addition to the UFC, where he won the heavyweight title and held the seventh spot in the overall UFC heavyweight rankings.


What Happened To Derrick Body: Did He Lose Weight?
What Happened To Derrick Body: Did He Lose Weight?


This time, the UFC knockout leader was the talk of the town because to his amazing health and weight loss.

Derrick Lewis, known by his monicker “The Black Beast,” was one of the most intimidating heavyweights in UFC history when he was first introduced to mixed martial arts by a buddy.


What Happened To Derrick Body: Did He Lose Weight?

After the MMA fighter appeared noticeably smaller than usual in photos posted by UFC lightweight hopeful Terrance McKinney, fans became fascinated by Derrick’s weight drop.

On Twitter, a picture of a Knockout pro sprinting started to go viral. Fans used Chris Hernandez, a personal trainerInstagram ,’s account to see how Lewis, who had lost a lot of weight, had changed.

 Derrick Lewis's Weight Loss
UFC knockout Leader became a buzzing topic this time because of his commendable weight loss and fitness. (Source:Dailystar)

Chris Hernandez’s Instagram story went viral among UFC fans as soon as it was posted. Many people responded to Lewis’ astonishing weight drop on Twitter.

The fans are in disbelief at Derrick Lewis’ slimmer form as The Black Beast is losing a lot of weight during the winter.

According to Daily Star, Derrick is often one of the most well-known mixed martial artists on the UFC roster and has previously had to lose weight to comply with the 260-pound restriction for the heavyweight division.

According to reports, there should be some caution in light of Lewis’ alleged weight loss prior to his fight with Spivak in November, which was ultimately called off.

Though the facts of Lewis’ non-Covid 19-related medical concern were never disclosed, it compelled him to withdraw at the last minute.


Derrick Lewis Before And After Photo

Fans and admirers were astounded by The Black Beast’s improved appearance after MMA photojournalist Amy Kaplan uploaded a picture of the heavyweight during training.

Terrance McKinney, a candidate for the light heavyweight title, added that the MMA fighter appeared prepared for the welterweight 170-pound limit.


 Derrick Lewis's Weight Loss
Derrick Lewis’s Weight Loss pictures Before and after (Source:talksport)

The UFC might view “cardio king Lewis” as a totally new fighter after his makeover, but one can only hope that this most recent case of weight loss in the UFC occurred under healthy circumstances.

According to several media reports, The Black Beast has been working out hard and losing weight in order to headline UFC Vegas 68 on February 4 at the APEX in Las Vegas.


Derrick Lewis’s Shocking Transformation

Although UFC athletes drastically reduce their weight before fights, Derrick’s new appearance has won over his supporters.

Given that he still has over a month until his match against Moldova’s Sergei Spivak on February 4, knockout king Lewis’ sudden defeat appears to be a surprise.

More fighters have been knocked out than Derrick (13), but there’s a chance that some of that stoppage potential will be gone when you lose weight.

Derrick was one of the biggest heavyweights before losing weight, and he did so to be under the 265 lb UFC limit.

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