What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know
What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know
What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid’s lives drastically changed on August 6, 2013, nearly eight years ago. The two British women, both 20 at the time, were detained at Lima, Peru’s Jorge Chavez International Airport after it was discovered that their suitcases contained £1.5 million worth of cocaine between them.

Michaella and Melissa weren’t friends until the criminal brains that planned the drug mule scheme matched them together, but from that point on, their lives would be irrevocably intertwined as they collectively became known as “The Peru Two.”

Both admitted to smuggling drugs after saying that armed gangsters had forced them to transport the stockpile (in exchange for a monetary reward) and were given sentences of more than six years and eight months at the infamous Ancon 2 prison. Before being freed, they served a three-year sentence.

Through a new five-part BBC series called High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule, Michaella—who also gained notoriety for wearing her hair up in a huge bun—is now opening up about her experience with drug trafficking and jail and how it impacted her.


What Happened To Michaella McCollum?

What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know
What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know

You’ll Never See Daylight Again, a novel about her own drug use and her three years in prison, was written by Michaella, who is from the little town of Dungannon in Northern Ireland. She talks of how she eventually had twin sons, Rio and Rafael, and how she later learned Spanish to communicate more effectively with the other prison guards and convicts, some of whom she labels as “psychotic” and aggressive.

Michaella frequently shares her tale with the media and recently told the BBC that remembering her time in prison is like trying to remember an entirely different existence. “I feel like I’m thinking of a new person now when people ask how I feel about it now; I can’t relate to that person anymore,” she added. “How was that for me? I just accepted things that I didn’t feel comfortable with but was too embarrassed to express. The three years I spent behind bars greatly influenced the kind of person I am now, as well as the values I uphold.”

She continued by saying she regretted her decisions and wished she had been a bit more vigilant. “When I was 19, I was really innocent. I believed that nothing awful could ever occur to me. I never questioned anything; instead, I just accepted everything as true and placed a lot of confidence in other people. We shouldn’t act in such a way since not everyone has your best interests in mind and because strangers don’t care about you.”

Michaella now frequently shares glitzy outfit and trip images on Instagram with her 39,000 followers and occasionally shares her tale on TV programs like Good Morning Britain.


Where Is Melissa Reid Of  The ‘Peru Two’ Now?

What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know
What Happened To Michaella McCollum? Details Of What You Should Know

Melissa has maintained a far lower profile following her release, in contrast to Michaella, who is outspoken about her criminal history. She is, however, again residing in Scotland, the Daily Mail said.

There is also a passage from an unknown neighbor endorsing her character, “She is known to us as “Mel,” but we were unaware of her troubled past. She is a nice girl and really down to earth, to be honest. We don’t know her, but I’ve heard she works for a charity, and I occasionally see her out walking the dog. She is a calm girl who makes no noise at all, and this neighborhood is peaceful. She seldom bothers others and appears to prefer her own company.”

After being detained, Melissa said that she was acting responsibly when she accepted the opportunity to smuggle drugs and expressed deep regret for her deeds “I want everyone to understand how regretful, humiliated, and embarrassed I am. I can’t just sit here and admit that I was wrong. I was acting sanely. I chose to do it myself; no one coerced me.”

She continued by saying that at the time, she was struggling with a “downward spiral” because she had not only consented to attempt to get the narcotics past security but was also using them. Melissa admitted, “I was doing drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine, and I was on a downhill spiral. “I genuinely believe that I would not be alive today if I had continued on my current direction. I never considered getting caught. I never gave what I was doing any thought. I believe I wished to be this strong individual that I am not.”

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