What Happened To Michigan Monica Cannady And Her Sons?

Let’s find out ‘What Happened To Michigan Monica Cannady And Her Sons?’ A Michigan lady and her two children were reportedly found frozen to death over the weekend, according to officials.

A third child relied on a stranger’s help to survive. According to Fox 2 Detroit, an autopsy revealed that hypothermia was the cause of all three deaths.


What Happened To Michigan Monica Cannady And Her Sons?
What Happened To Michigan Monica Cannady And Her Sons?


The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reports that Monica Cannady, 35, and her children Malik Milton, 3, and Kyle Milton, 9, were found on Sunday afternoon at a park in Pontiac, Michigan.


What Happened To Michigan Monica Cannady And Her Sons?

According to authorities, Cannady’s daughter alerted someone that her family had passed away at about 3:10 p.m. on Sunday (Jan. 15), which is when deputies were called to the 200 block of Branch Street.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Oakland County reported that a 10-year-old girl knocked on a house and claimed that her family had been found dead in a field.


Monica Cannady
Monica Cannady, 35, Kyle Milton, 9, and 3-year-old Malik Milton (source: Yahoo)

Officials searched the desolate fields close to Lakeside residences. Approximately a mile from their Pontiac apartment, Cannady and her two sons were found dead in a field on the edge of Crystal Lake, according to Bouchard.

The 10-year-old daughter of Ms. Cannady, who was still alive, went to a total stranger who lived next to the park and asked for help, telling them that her family had died. The toddler was taken to the hospital in a stable condition after they called the police and reported the incident.

At a press conference on Monday, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said, “This tragedy was the product of a mental health crisis.”

Lillie survived and is receiving medical treatment in a hospital for symptoms similar to hypothermia, according to the authorities. Next to her is her grandmother.

She appears to be recovering well and is stable, according to Bouchard.

Authorities were told by Lillie that her family had left for the field and that her mother had told the kids to lie down and sleep. According to officials, when Lillie awoke, neither her mother nor her brothers had spoken.


Know More About Monica Cannady Mental Health Before Death

Family members just became aware of Cannady’s mental health difficulties, according to Bouchard. Investigators said that over the past three weeks, her mother noticed a change in her daughter’s behavior but was unaware of the reason why.

On Friday, Cannady’s grandmother noticed that her grandchildren were chilly. Family members reportedly tried to help Cannady, but she refused, according to Bouchard.


Monica Cannady
Michigan mother of three (source: Perezhilton)

Bouchard said, “This was a mental health calamity. “The mother, who was a woman, was experiencing a mental health crisis.

She believed that everyone, including the police, was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate her and that someone was trying to kill her.

The family tried to persuade her to cooperate, commit her, and get some assistance, but she resisted and ran away.

Bouchard claims that if there had been better access to mental health resources, this incident would have been avoided.

Bouchard responded, “I’d say accidental/preventable.” “If we engage in more debates, even challenging ones, we must beg for assistance. It doesn’t indicate weakness.

I think it will help a lot that it is pushed and that more mental health therapies are accessible to everyone.

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