What Happened To Nancy Cantor: Was She Sacked? Net Worth And Career Earning In Detail

Let’s find out ‘What Happened To Nancy Cantor: Was She Sacked?’ On March 4, 2019, Nancy Cantor was seen on surveillance video ranting at police as they were looking into a small collision between her driver’s car and a Rutgers University Police vehicle.

According to representatives at Rutgers-Newark, Cantor was picked up by a driver in a black vehicle and taken to the airport from the Center for Law and Justice on Washington Avenue in Newark.


What Happened To Nancy Cantor: Was She Sacked? Net Worth And Career Earning In Detail
What Happened To Nancy Cantor: Was She Sacked? Net Worth And Career Earning In Detail


The black automobile jolted after colliding with the bumper of a campus police car that was parked near the curb, according to NJ Advance Media. The officer in the squad car immediately began investigating the crash and compiling data for a report.


Rutgers Chancellor: What Happened To Nancy Cantor: Was She Sacked?

Despite her nasty actions toward the police, Nancy Cantor has not been dismissed.

When the campus Police went to investigate a small mishap between her driving and a campus Police car that morning in March, Chancellor Nancy Cantor of Rutgers-Newark acknowledged that she wasn’t her “best self.”


Nancy Cantor footage
Footage picture of Nancy Cantor’s demeaning and dehumanizing behavior (Source: change.org)

According to body camera footage acquired by NJ Advance Media, Cantor shouted violently at an officer on the scene on March 4 and threatened them with problems if they caused her to miss her flight.

She also said that she was the chancellor and that she wanted President Robert Barchi, the president of Rutgers, to be handled in that way.


Did Nancy Cantor Apologize?

On June 11, three months after the event, Cantor expressed regret to campus police.

Cantor acknowledged that she wasn’t at her best that morning and expressed sorrow for how she handled the matter in her letter. She proceeded by expressing her respect for the RUPD and thanks for the job the officers perform every day to uphold the community’s and the campus’s safety and security.


Nancy Cantor footage..
Nancy Cantor yelled at the police. (Source: YouTube)

University authorities remained silent when asked if Cantor or the staff members who accompanied her that morning breached any regulations. A staff worker could be heard instructing her to snap a picture and go since she was on university business on the body camera footage.

The administration on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus and the Rutgers-Newark Police reportedly accepted the chancellor’s apologies, according to the NJ Advance Media piece.


How Much Is Nancy Cantor Current Net Worth?

Nancy Cantor’s anticipated net worth in 2022 is $5 Million, per allfamousbirthday.com.

Cantor began her tenure as chancellor at Rutgers-Newark in 2014 after 10 years as president and chancellor of Syracuse University. She has also previously served as chancellor at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign as well as provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at the University of Michigan.

As co-chair of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council, she was chosen by Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.


Know More About Nancy Cantor Career Earnings

Nancy Cantor, a former chancellor of Syracuse University, had a compensation in 2012 that was about 342 percent more than the average pay for presidents of private colleges, according to a recently released analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

A private college or university president’s typical annual salary, according to the survey, was $301,153, placing them significantly beyond the 99th percentile of American wage workers.

According to the most current IRS 990 tax form that is easily accessible, Cantor got a total pay of $1,028,969 in 2012.

Cantor was paid on par with other notable research university presidents, according to Hinrichs.

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