What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face: Did She Get Face Surgery? Know More About Her Present Health Update

Learn more about ‘What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face: Did She Get Face Surgery?’ The Railway Children’s Phyllis Waterbury and Man About the House’s Jo are two of the English actress’ most well-known roles.

Janice Hedden in Straw Dogs, Jennifer Villiers in The Very Merry Widow, and Nemo Newman in Baxter are just a few of her other well-known roles!

Sally used to be everywhere. She briefly left the spotlight before vanish.


What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face: Did She Get Face Surgery? Know More About Her Present Health Update
What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face: Did She Get Face Surgery? Know More About Her Present Health Update


What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face: Did She Get Face Surgery? Before And After Photo

People have asked if Sally Thomsett had face surgery because of the obvious contrast between her earlier and present features.

According to Sound Health and Lasting Wealth, Sally has not reported having had plastic surgery.

She did not mention any additional medical procedures; she just revealed information about the dental surgery she had to restore her enamel.


Sally Thomsett before after
Sally Thomsett when she was a child Actress and now. (Source: Smooth Radio)

To be fair, Sally is 72 years old, so her facial alterations may have been brought on by aging. How did Sally Thomsett fare? Health Report

Sally Thomsett, who previously portrayed well-known characters including Jo in Man About the House and Phyllis Waterbury in The Railway Children, has left fans wondering what happened to her.

She hasn’t really been seen in the entertainment industry since The Lily Savage Show (1997), according to IMDb.

The former household name from the 1970s seems healthy and has no known diseases. Sally, who is now 72, has been in Britain with Paul Agnew for more than 20 years.

Her viewpoint was altered after giving birth to her daughter Charlotte, and she decided not to act because she wouldn’t be at her best while caring for a young child.

When her kid was old enough, Sally intended to return to work. The timing, however, didn’t work out well. They had ceased producing good comedy around the time that Big Brother and reality TV had begun, according to the woman.

Sally has been on a few talk programs in recent years, but she claims her prospects of returning to acting are “zero.” Sally still receives royalties and goes to fan gatherings despite the fact that she no longer performs. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.


Sally Thomsett’s Love Life Has Been Complicated

As convoluted as any narrative Sally Thomsett has ever worked on, her love life has been.

Sally wanted a break after working nonstop for years, so she went on vacation. She settled in Los Angeles and wed Claus Hede Nielsen, a Danish film producer.

She later met her current boyfriend, Paul Agnew, after being estranged from her spouse. Charlotte Agnew, her daughter, was a gift to her when she was 46 years old.


Sally Thomsett what happened to her
An old picture of Sally Thomsett with her partner and daughter. (Source: Mirror)

Sally, on the other hand, has never wed Paul; she is still legally bound to her second husband, Claus. She claims that she hasn’t seen Claus since 1985 and is unable to find him in order to divorce him.

“I believe he returned to LA or Denmark. Although I am still his wife in law, I have no idea where he is. What does it matter? she asked, adding that there was no problem. It’s not like he bothers me, she remarked.

Prior to Claus, Sally was wed to the son of a shipping mogul named Nigel Newman, who was also her first husband. She was 21 when she married Nigel after five years of dating him.


Sally Thomsett Comes From A British Family

Maurice and Dorothy Thomsett (née Joy), Sally Thomsett’s parents, welcomed her into the world at Plumpton, England. She grew raised in the adjacent Brighton with her three elder brothers. Elm Grove Infants and Juniors School was where she went to school.

Sally owes one of her brothers five shillings for offering to pay for her to try out for The Max Bygraves Summer Show.

After being successful in doing so, the Straw Dogs Actress performed in a number of pantomimes before leaving secondary school to enroll at London’s Phildene Stage School.

Charlotte, Sally’s daughter, works as her assistant and supports her in running meetings.

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