What Happened To Sasa Cadjenovic: Was He Arrested? Montenegro Special State Prosecutor Arrested For Abuse Of Office

Let’s find out ‘What Happened To Sasa Cadjenovic: Was He Arrested?’ Since May 2019, aenovi has served as the special state prosecutor for Montenegro. He was well-known in the nation thanks to the ongoing “coup d’état” court case.

Andrija Mandi and Milan Kneevi, the leaders of the pro-Russian Democratic Front, were the defendants in the case before the High Court in Podgorica.


What Happened To Sasa Cadjenovic: Was He Arrested? Montenegro Special State Prosecutor Arrested For Abuse Of Office
What Happened To Sasa Cadjenovic: Was He Arrested? Montenegro Special State Prosecutor Arrested For Abuse Of Office


Investigations are being conducted on the recently constructed case against Cadjenovic, and more details will probably soon surface.


What Happened To Sasa Cadjenovic: Was He Arrested?

On December 9, 2022 (a Friday), Sasa Cadjenovic was taken into custody under the Special State Prosecutor’s Office’s directive.

The arrest was made due to allegations of official misconduct and the formation of a criminal gang.

According to the Office’s spokeswoman Vukas Radonjic, Cadjenovic was under investigation for multiple crimes between mid-2020 and 2022.


Sasa Cadjenovic arrested for abuse of power
Sasa Cadjenovic was arrested on December 9. (Source: Vijesti)

He was detained this morning, and the Special State Prosecution will update the public on the investigation’s progress, according to Radonjic. For interrogation, Cadjenovic was brought to the SDT facility.

The spokesman also highlighted that everyone must uphold the assumption of innocence and not infringe upon the rights of those who are undergoing the procedure or other procedural guidelines.


The Special State Prosecutor For Montenegro Was Sasa Cadjenovic

Sasa Cadjenovic has served as the Special State Prosecutor’s deputy since May 2020, according to Balkan Insights. His administration was run by Milivoje Katnic.

On March 18, Vladimir Novovic assumed control as the new Special State Prosecutor after Katnic retired on February 17.

The office was despised by the erstwhile opposition, who said it had connections to organized crime and the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, or DPS, of the time.

They attacked the agency mostly for obtaining guilty convictions for 13 defendants. It featured two Democratic Front leaders, Milan Knezevic and Andrija Mandic, for plotting to topple the current administration in 2016.

First, in May 2019, the Higher Court handed out sentences of up to 15 years in prison for organizing a coup to 13 individuals, including Knezevic Mandic, Russian military intelligence personnel, and eight Serbs.

But in February 2021, the Appeal Court overturned the judgment and requested that the Higher Court retry the case, which previous opposition leaders had said was politically motivated.

On November 20, Sasa Cadjenovic was charged with working with criminal groups in the nation by Democratic Front Leader Knezevic.

He claimed that Cadjenovic deserved to have been indicted long ago and to receive a jail sentence. Knezevic told Adria television, “He cannot behave like a prosecutor any longer.

The Special State Prosecution was ordered by the Higher Court on November 29 to submit a fresh indictment within 15 days.


What Did Sasa Cadjenovic Do?

The statement indicated that the arrest had been made for misuse of office and establishing a criminal organization, although it did not go into specifics.

Petar Lazovic, a senior police officer, was charged by the Special State Prosecution on August 11, 2022, for allegedly having connections to the renowned Kavac gang of Kotor.

According to the complaint, he gave the gang governmental cover while they committed crimes involving the smuggling of drugs, cigarettes, and weapons.

Lazovic’s SKY app communications with Radoje Zvicer, a leader of the Kavac movement, were made public by the media based on a complaint by EUROPOL (the European Police agency) to the Montenegrin government.

The State Prosecution stated on May 5 that EUROPOL had sent the prosecution transcripts of the encrypted chats in July.


Sasa Cadjenovic arrested Monetenegro
Sasa Cadjenovic during an earlier press release. (Source: Balkan Insights)

The two guys were the subject of a closed inquiry, nevertheless. The Special State Prosecutor’s deputy, Cadjenovic, determined that there were no elements of a crime at the time.

Additionally, Katnic said Lazovic had been alerting the Police on the activities of the Kavac narcotics group.

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