What Happened To TV Host Monica Adams: Why Is She Leaving KSDK?

Learn more about ‘What Happened To TV Host Monica Adams: Why Is She Leaving KSDK?’ The distinguished radio and television host serves as KSDK’s morning show anchor.

She has experience as a reporter, host, anchor, writer, and producer for the media. In addition to her work as a journalist, Monica is also a life coach, a fashion consultant, and a certified personal trainer.


What Happened To TV Host Monica Adams: Why Is She Leaving KSDK?
What Happened To TV Host Monica Adams: Why Is She Leaving KSDK?


What Happened To TV Host Monica Adams: Why Is She Leaving KSDK?

Monica Adams, a longtime anchor, is quitting KSDK and, reportedly, TV news.

Although Monica claimed that Friday, January 13, would be her last day working at the station, it looked that she had already left the Tegna station.

She posted about her plans on social media, using the hashtag “#knowyourvalue” to appear to be making fun of the station.

Monica left KTVI after working there for 15 years and moved to the NBC-affiliated station.

She wrote on Facebook, “Today marks the start of a fantastic new chapter!”

She remarked that she had spent her entire life preparing for this day. She welcomed everyone on her new trip and thanked them for their support.

Monica Adams KSDK
Monica Adams announced her departure. (Source: Facebook)


Despite the fact that she didn’t state it directly, Monica seemed to be looking for a new job because she was unhappy with her previous one.


Where Is Monica Adamas Now?

Outside of broadcasting, Monica Adams is a personal transformation expert with training in physical therapy and sports medicine.

She has created programs for numerous businesses and hosted private events during her 24 years as a personal trainer.

where is Monica Adams now
Monica Adams is also a fitness and personal trainer. (Source: KSDK)


The multi-talented woman is a style and wardrobe expert who is passionate about both.

With Bespoke and Bachrach Menswear in Clayton, Missouri, she focuses on men’s fashion.

She also works with Claire Flowers as a consultant and stylist for women.

Monica is married to James Quentin, Lt. with the St Louis County Police. The couple is yet to have a child.

They love to travel, enjoy food and art, give back to the community, and spend time with the three dogs they have rescued.

Monica Adams Has Spent Decades In Reporting And Journalism

For 12 years, Monica Adams served as the radio news director for WIL, KJCF/KTJJ, and KDHR/KHAD. She also spent eight years hosting a health and fitness program on KMOX radio in St. Louis.

The radio host covered the St. Louis Blues, Cardinals, and Rams while working as an assistant sports director.

Additionally, Monica spent eight years as a member of the WIL radio morning team that won a CMA award.

She then made the switch to television in 2005, working for FOX affiliate KTVI in the fields of news, fitness and health, and entertainment.

Recently, Monica worked as the morning anchor for KSDK, a St. Louis-based NBC affiliate.

While working at KSDK, she produced Monica’s Motivational Moments and Monica In The Metro, both of which were hugely popular.

She developed, authored, and edited articles on every facet of wellness both during and after the pandemic.

A-list actors are highlighted in Monica’s entertainment segments, which she started and which ran from 2000 to 2022. In these segments, she introduces current box office hits.

She has also contributed heavily to Streetscape Magazine and Travelhost, writing lifestyle articles and highlighting aspects of St. Louis and its history.

Additionally, Monica has experience working with numerous nonprofit organizations and has a particularly charitable mindset.

She has also worked for nearly three decades as an auctioneer, emcee, motivational speaker, and brand ambassador.

Monica has received numerous honors, including the Missouri Broadcasters’ AIR awards, and she has contributed to Emmy victories for both FOX and NBC.

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