What Is Actress India Mullen Age? Facts You Should Know About The Actress

Let’s Find Out ‘What Is Actress India Mullen Age?’ Amy, a character in Normal People, was cast as an actress from South East London named India Mullen. In addition to acting, she likes painting and photography.

Mullen, 26, is a young Irish actress best known for her work in the upcoming movie Normal People. Actress India from the film Normal People is now collaborating with Allen Leech on The Vanishing Triangle. According to Television Business International, Park Films and Screen Ireland are responsible for the idea behind The Vanishing Triangle.


What Is Actress India Mullen Age? Facts You Should Know About The Actress
What Is Actress India Mullen Age? Facts You Should Know About The Actress


India and Allen are the executive producers of the show. The project’s remarkable and impactful editorial encapsulates the story of the Irish 1990s. She has drawn in a variety of audiences with her portrayal of Peggy in Normal People. Locals in North East London regularly took pictures of her as she went on walks, purchased groceries, drank coffee.

The Daily Mail has exposed her for flaunting her toned tummy by dressing in sportswear and shorts. When they noticed her, she was donning a dark short and a pair of light Adidas sports underwear.


Facts About India Gullen

Name India Mullen
Date of Birth November 8, 1996
Nationality Irish
Birth Place Dublin, Irish
Age 26


India Mullen Wiki Bio

Following her appearance in The Vanishing Triangle, Internet users are maintaining India Mullen’s biography. She resides in South East London at the moment.

Mullen, an Irish rising star, is well-known for the 2020 movie Normal People, which is centered on the lives of Marianne and Connell from various backgrounds. She has appeared in up to 6 episodes of the movie as Peggy.

IMDb gave Normal People an 8.4 out of 10 rating. The love tale of Marianne and Connell served as the basis for the movie. The actress made her formal film debut in 2014 and carved out a career for herself. Red Rock, Normal People, and other works by her are some of note. She became even more well-known because to her part in the Irish TV series Red Rock.

The actress, according to the rumors, looks up to Marion Cotillard as an influence. French actress Marion is well-known for having won an Academy Award, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe. Marion was the lone female to get an Oscar for her French acting.


India gave a pose for a photograph on December 12, 2021.
India gave a pose for a photograph on December 12, 2021. ( Source : instagram )


India said in an interview that she has drawn inspiration from her family throughout her career. Their affection and support for her, according to her, are priceless.

In Dublin, Ireland, at The Gaiety School of Acting, the actress pursued her education. Her time at The Gaiety School of Acting was among the most fascinating. India participated in a production at The Gaiety School of Acting as an Angle before beginning a professional career.

What Is Actress India Mullen Age?

India Mullen is 26 years old right now. The aspiring actress was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1996.

Since she was little, she has performed in college plays. She performed as an Angel in The Gaiety School of Acting productions while she was a student there. She cited her interactions with many individuals as her favorite aspect of the two years in an interview. She was skilled in communicating with kids, teachers, and others throughout that time.

She considers acting to be a difficult career. There is a lot of rejection to deal with and there is tremendous competition. However, India does provide one bit of advise to people who desire to pursue performing careers.

She argues that perseverance and compassion are two crucial qualities for success. Actors have some influence on their attitude and work ethic. India has aspirations of becoming an actor at a young age. Finally, she goes for her goal.

Meet India Mullen On Instagram

Under the handle @indiamullen, India Mullen is active on social media sites including Instagram and Twitter.

The actress has 45.8k followers on her verified Instagram page. She now has 556 images uploaded on her Instagram wall. The actress adores art and photography. It is incredible to watch how she expertly recorded each moment.

The actress shared a trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime movie The Peripheral on her Instagram account six days ago. She said that she was involved in the initiative as well. The actress uploaded a snapshot of the horrific rose on her Instagram account on August 15.

Mullen praised Irish Tatler on March 13 for letting her indulge in fantasy attire for the spring cover. Her photographic talent is unquestionably exceptional and laudable. Mullen presented her angel companion on April 23, 2021, taking a picture of him in the process.

Analyzing the actress’ Instagram images, it appears that she like dogs. Her Instagram photos demonstrate her passion for photography.

What Is India Mullen’s Net Worth?

India Mullen’s net worth might be in the neighborhood of $1 million. She has not, however, disclosed her real wages or compensation.

Power Database estimates Mullen’s net worth to be $1,400,000. Her net worth progressively rises over time. The actress is worth around $ million in 2020, $ 1.2 million in 2021, and $ 1.4 million in 2022. (2022).

Paul and Daisy have been shocked by the popularity of the series, which has been viewed by almost 30 million people worldwide. The programme was officially ranked as BBC Three’s most watched program on Wednesday after the first episode attracted 6.75 million people.

India Mullen has gained popularity since she featured in Normal People, but the staff at Fashion Finder HQ have long loved her sense of style. The actress was chosen as the face of various sportswear brands.

Details About India Mullen’s Boyfriend

Paul Mescal, the co-star of India Mullen in Normal People, was mentioned in connection with her.

The couple was reportedly spotted together at a neighboring coffee shop, according to The Sun. With a sleeveless burgundy shirt, sunglasses, and a pair of sports shorts, Paul showed off his toned legs. While enjoying a cigarette during their stroll, the Irish actor looked to be engaged in a conversation with India, who played Peggy in Normal People.


India Mullen and Paul Mescal soaks up the sun on walk.
India Mullen and Paul Mescal soaks up the sun on walk. ( Source : thesun )


India and Paul share a home in London, but it’s not obvious if they are more than simply friends. The blonde actress showed off her lean body while wearing a loose sweater and a pair of Adidas shorts. Sunglasses and a pair of black shoes were worn with it.

Paul just revealed that he is single. Paul plays Connell Waldron in the TV show Normal People. However, speculations claim that the cast and crew are puzzled by the couple’s close bond.


Some FAQs

Who Is India Mullen?

India Mullen is an actress from Ireland, currently living in South East London. The actress is known as Peggy in Normal People.

How Old Is She?

India Mullen is 26 years old. She was born on November 8, 1996, in Ireland. She is young and talented actress.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Her estimated net worth is around $1.4 million. She is brand ambassador of several sports clothes. Likewise, she is an artist who loves to capture moments.
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