What Is Kyedae Nationality? Details About Her Sister And Parents
Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator Kyedae wearing dress similar like chanel at Los Angeles, California ( Source : instagram )

What is Kyedae nationality, let find out more about her. Over the years, Kyedae has received positive feedback from the general public for her unique online presence. As her parents are of diverse ethnic backgrounds, many of her followers are curious about her ethnicity.

Kyedae is a popular Canadian Twitch streamer and hundred thieves content creator. Her distinctive Twitch persona has won her hundreds of admirers. On October 31, 2020, she specifically began broadcasting on Tyson’s (Tenz) PC.

Fans adored her Galorant gameplay as she worked in association with 100 Thieves in the ensuing years. She also got a ton of attention playing Valorant Gram on her Kyedae Twitch channel, where she currently has 2 million followers.

She also maintains a social media presence across a variety of sites, such as Instagram and YouTube. On her YouTube account, she has more than 776K subscribers.

Additionally, she has 792k followers on her Instagram account where she publishes regularly under the username @kyedae and has posted 12 times.


Kyedae Nationality: Is She Japanese?

Kyedae was born in Canada on December 1, 2001, to a Japanese mother and her adored Ukrainian father, making her a mixed-race person. According to reports, she is both Japanese and Canadian. She does, however, currently reside in Canada.


Kyedae uploaded streaming video titled Kyedae & Tenz go Undercover in VALORANT on her YouTube channel
Kyedae uploaded streaming video titled Kyedae & Tenz go Undercover in VALORANT on her YouTube channel( Source : Youtube )


When she was little, her family brought her up in Sendai. Many people believe her parents fell in love and married after meeting in Canada. She hasn’t revealed a much about her parents, though, in public.

She has been a student of biology at the University of British Columbia since the present time. Kuro and Mochi, two lovely dogs, live with her.


Details On Kyedae’s Parents And Sister

Kyedae has a lovely sister named Sakura Shymko and both of her parents come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Her sister in particular has 52.2K followers on Twitch and is a well-known social media influencer and streamer. Her mother is from Japan, while her father immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine.


Kyedae beautiful sister Sakura Shymko at Nanaimo, British Columbia
Kyedae beautiful sister Sakura Shymko at Nanaimo, British Columbia( Source : Instagram )


Kyedae and Sakura have a special affinity since they frequently show up in public with charming gestures. She hasn’t revealed a lot of private information about her parents in public. She frequently expresses admiration for her parents online.

How Old Is Kyedae? Age Explored

At the time of writing, Kyedae is twenty years old. She was born and raised in Japan before relocating to Canada with her parents to pursue her higher education. In 2020 at the age of 19, she began creating content on Twitch.

She frequently grabs notice because of her romance with well-known Canadian professional player and Twitch streamer Tyson Ngo.

Particularly on Twitch, Tyson Ngo is known as TenZ. TenZ is also a mixed-race person because he has French and Vietnamese ancestry.

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