What Is Michaela Coel’s Current Net Worth? Facts To Know

Let’s find out ‘What Is Michaela Coel’s Current Net Worth?’ Michaela Coel has never been one to wait for an opportunity in Hollywood. Instead, she has created work for herself that is as dynamic as it is unique. And when others have attempted to undervalue Coel’s contributions, she has no problem letting them go.

By sticking to her guns, the actress has earned critical acclaim and commercial success, all while increasing her ever-increasing net worth.


What Is Michaela Coel’s Current Net Worth? Facts To Know
What Is Michaela Coel’s Current Net Worth? Facts To Know

Coel first gained widespread attention for her show Chewing Gum. It was a British television sitcom based on a play she wrote in 2012 called Chewing Gum Dreams. The series showcased Coel’s acting abilities as well as her knack for unconventional comedy. And, because the series is currently available on HBO Max, new audiences are discovering it even years after it aired.

Michaela Coel Found Success After ‘Chewing Gum’ With ‘I May Destroy You’

While Chewing Gum is certainly a success, it is Coel’s show, I May Destroy You, that has truly captured Hollywood’s attention. The show follows Arabella, the actor’s character, as she attempts to cope in the aftermath of her sexual assault, which was inspired by some personal events in her life. The show contains both heartfelt and lighthearted moments. Coel received three Emmy nominations for writing, directing, and acting for the limited series, as well as a BAFTA award for her portrayal of Arabella.

The BAFTA Winner And Emmy Nominee Fired Her CAA Agents When They Pushed Her To Take A Netflix Deal

While Coel had no idea that I May Destroy You would earn her critical acclaim, she was well aware of the importance of her show from the start. When she pitched the show, Netflix offered her $1 million. While that money could have significantly increased her net worth, she declined the offer because Netflix would not allow her to retain any of the show’s copyright. When Coel’s CAA (one of the top three agencies) agents pushed her to take the deal, she doubled down on her decision and fired them.


What Is Coel’s Net Worth In 2021?

Coel’s intuition was clearly correct. I May Destroy You found a home at HBO without the constraints that Netflix provided. And, because the show is so good, everyone is looking forward to whatever Coel does next. According to The List, the British actress and writer is already worth $2 million. Of course, as she continues to take on new projects, that number is bound to rise. She was most recently cast in the Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which is set to debut in 2022.

It’s admirable that Coel is willing to stick to her guns and recognizes the value of her work. We know her fans are excited to see what she comes up with next. For the time being, however, she deserves to relax and enjoy her success.

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