What Is Tillu Tajpuriya Religion?

Find out ‘What Is Tillu Tajpuriya Religion?’ In 2016, the Delhi Police arrested Tillu Tajpuriya, a resident of Tajpur village near Alipur in Delhi, India, for his alleged involvement in various criminal activities, such as murder, extortion, and land grabbing. Since then, he has been in custody, facing multiple charges under different sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Tajpuriya had a notorious reputation as a criminal in the Delhi area, and his arrest was considered a significant achievement by the Delhi Police, who had been pursuing him for a long time.

What Is Tillu Tajpuriya Religion?
What Is Tillu Tajpuriya Religion?

What Is Tillu Tajpuriya Religion?

The religion of Tillu Tajpuriya is currently unknown, as there is no information available about his religious beliefs or affiliations. It is not possible to confirm whether he practices Islam or follows any other religion.

It is important to remember that an individual’s religion is a personal matter, and unless they choose to disclose this information, it is not publicly known.

Therefore, Tillu Tajpuriya’s identity is primarily associated with his involvement in criminal activities and subsequent arrest, rather than his religious background.

In December 2021, Tillu Tajpuriya was allegedly involved in the planning of the Rohini shootout, in which Jitendra Mann, the Leader of the Gogi gang, was killed by two gunmen inside the Rohini court complex. According to reports, Tajpuriya coordinated the attack from his jail cell, and he and his associates were later charged in connection with the incident.

Tajpuriya and Mann were reportedly friends before becoming rivals during a student union election at Delhi’s Swami Shraddhanand College. They supported opposing candidates and got into a physical altercation, leading to a decade-long feud between their respective gangs.

In 2016, Tajpuriya was arrested on multiple charges, including murder, extortion, robbery, and violating the Arms Act. He was booked under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell.

The Police revealed that Tajpuriya managed to operate his gang from within the jail and was responsible for several other killings.

Tillu Tajpuriya was survived by his parents and three siblings. His father recently retired from the Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Tillu Tajpuriya Obituary: What Happened?

On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, Tillu Tajpuriya, a gangster who was serving time in Tihar jail, was attacked over 45 times, leading to his death.

According to sources, the preliminary autopsy report revealed that Tajpuriya had sustained injuries on his head, chest, and back, along with multiple wounds on the rest of his body.

Following the attack, Tajpuriya was immediately taken to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in Delhi, where he was declared dead.

Tillu Tajpuriya Religion
On TuesdayMay 2, 2023, Tillu Tajpuriya, a gangster imprisoned in Tihar jail, was attacked over 45 times, leading to his death (Source: Indiatimes)

It should also be noted that Tillu Tajpuriya was accused in over 14 cases of serious crimes such as murder, robbery, dacoity, extortion, attacking public servants, and violating the Arms Act, according to an investigation by ThePrint.

Sources from the Police have revealed that Tajpuriya had only completed up to class 10 in school and had participated in wrestling tournaments during his schooling.

Despite being in prison since 2016, Tajpuriya was allegedly still involved in criminal activities from behind bars.

He was a key suspect in the shootout at Delhi’s Rohini court complex in September 2021, which resulted in the death of Gogi, for whom the Police had offered a reward of Rs 4 lakh for his capture. During the incident, two men, identified as Rahul and Jagdeep, allegedly dressed up as lawyers and shot Gogi dead. The Police reported that the murder had been planned from inside Tihar.

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