What Religion Does Jasmine Roth Follow? Is She Jewish? Details To Know

Let find out ”What Religion Does Jasmine Roth Follow?”

Jasmine Roth is a California-based designer and builder who is most recognized for serving as the show’s host.

On the program Hidden Potential, she uses creative design to turn ordinary houses into magnificent, custom-built mansions. Roth gained notoriety for her pragmatic approaches and frugal choices.

The “California Cool Design” is Roth’s trademark look, and she has said she wants to bring it to communities all around the United States of America so she may win the hearts of Americans in the process.

From 2017 through 2019, Hidden Potential aired on HGTV. House & Garden Television, or HGTV for short, is an American channel that airs reality shows about home renovation and real estate.

She has made numerous appearances for the network and is a mainstay on HGTV.

Roth, a native of Virginia, is the proprietor and operator of the specialized construction business Built Custom Homes.

For a limited number of build-to-suit clients and new building builds, Built Custom Homes designs homes. According to Roth, who has a devoted internet following that take her advice on building as gospel, she wants to redefine what luxury is.

In addition, Roth talks a lot about how being a woman in a field dominated by men helped her develop her voice early on.

What Religion Does Jasmine Roth Follow? Is She Jewish? Details To KnowJasmine Roth is a television personality known for her various reality tv shows on HGTV ( Source : Southernlivin

Is Jasmine Roth Jewish?

Although Jasmine Roth is Jewish, she hasn’t talked much about it in the public.

Roth hasn’t concealed or minimized her faith in the media, but she does work in a field where it isn’t frequently discussed. Roth also has a strong commitment to her career.

You can see how committed Roth is to creating and advancing her profession in HGTV by taking a look at her social media accounts. Roth diligently promotes the projects she has worked on and frequently talks about them.


What Religion Does Jasmine Roth Follow? Is She Jewish? Details To Know
Jasmine Roth with her two year old daughter Hazel Lynn Roth. ( Source : thespruce )


The dedication of Roth is also seen on her IMDB biography. Despite the fact that she only began appearing on television in 2017, she already has 13 credits.

Her appearances and her business endeavors are all connected to the home.

Roth worked in human resources before becoming a custom home builder and television personality, however she prefers to build homes.

Additionally, Roth’s accomplishments serve as a testament to her perseverance and devotion. She was awarded Best of Houzz for Design in 2017.


Who Is The Husband Of Jasmine Roth?

Brett and Jasmine Roth are married; their daughter, Haley Lynn Roth, is their only child.

On September 7, 2013, Jasmine Roth wed Brett Roth. The pair now resides in homes that Jasmine both designed and built in Hunting Beach, California, and Park City, Utah.

At the Orange, California-based staffing and recruiting firm Roth Staffing, Brett Roth serves as senior vice president.

Since July 2018, Roth has held the post in question. The individual is also Vice President of Ledgent Technology and Senior Vice President of Zing.


Hazel Roth with her husband Brett Roth. Brett is the senior vice president of Roth Staffing.
Hazel Roth with her husband Brett Roth. Brett is the senior vice president of Roth Staffing. ( Source : screenrant )


The Roths attended the same university, Northeastern University, where Jasmine majored in business, entrepreneurship, and new venture management while Brett majored in business administration and entrepreneurship.

While it is unknown exactly how long Brett Roth attended Northeastern University, Jasmine attended from 2003 to 2008 and participated in the Honors Program as well as the Sigma Delta Tau fraternity.

After graduating from college, the husband started working as a corporate recruiter for the organization where he later rose to the position of senior vice president, while the wife held a variety of human resources positions with organizations like PIMCO and Capital Group before starting her own business.

Details Of Jasmine Roth’s Net Worth In 2022?

By virtue of her numerous appearances on HGTV, Jasmine Roth has amassed a net worth that is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

In December 2020, the value of her Huntington Beach custom-built home was $2,199,000.

She has accumulated her money from her several HGTV broadcasts as well as her own profitable business, which has been in operation for more than ten years.

How many admirers Roth has is another indicator of her success. The Instagram accounts of the television personality and her store, The Shop by Jasmine Roth, each have 431K and 33.3K followers, respectively.


Jasmine Roth is a very beloved member of the HGTV roster and her fans hang by her word.
Jasmine Roth is a very beloved member of the HGTV roster and her fans hang by her word. ( Source : deadline )

The success of Roth’s store has increased her riches as well. However, Jasmine Roth’s success on television is unquestionably what gave her a household name in some quarters.

Due of their fervent support for Roth, many in the media have referred to her followers as being nearly cultlike. They not only adore her, but they also obsess over every word she says.

Roth has a lot of talent, however none of that would have been possible without it.

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