When Was Alayna Joy Born? Age Of Canadian YouTuber Explored

Let find out ”When Was Alayna Joy Born?” As of April 2022, Alayna Joy, called Miss Fenderr, turned 30. She is a Pride-identified YouTube content creator with more than a quarter million followers.

In one of the episodes of her journey with anxiety, she talks about her experiences with aviophobia, a particular phobia involving a fear of flying, as well as panic attacks. She notes that her personal struggles with anxiety led her to discover mindfulness and compassion, which she now actively teaches with her followers.

She also talks about how nervous she is about calling off an engagement and establishing her identity in the world.

When Was Alayna Joy Born? Age Of Canadian YouTuber ExploredAlayna Joy is a Canadian Youtuber with thousands of subscriber on her channel ( Source : Instagram )
Name Alayna Joy
Profile MissAlaynaa
Age 30
Born Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Youtuber
Style Vlogs & Beauty
Date joined June 28, 2013
Partner Dallas Friesen ‘Christopher'(Seperated)
Net Worth $100,000


When Was Alayna Joy Born? Age Of Canadian YouTuber Explored

The 30-year-old Canadian YouTuber Alayna Joy was originally known as Miss Fenderr.

She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and has the ideal figure. She usually films videos with her pals Willow Faith, Breanne Williamson, and her ex-fiance Dallas Friesen.

She started providing beauty instructions on her second channel, MissAlaynaa, up until December 2014. In order to join in the yearly “Vlogmas” trend, she later adjusted the subject to be a daily Vlog channel. Every day from the beginning of December until Christmas, videos were posted, according to the fashion. She has continued to regularly publish vlogs on this channel ever since.


Alayna Joy is a Youtube content creator from LGBTQ Community
Alayna Joy is a Youtube content creator from LGBTQ Community ( Source : instagram )


When she came out as bi at the beginning of August 2015, she got much more notoriety. She claimed to have suffered terrible anxiety as a child and teenager in her “Draw my Life” video.

In the latter part of 2016, she moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Vancouver, British Columbia. She asserted that she had made up her mind when there earlier in the year on a visit. The majority of her posts as of late have been reaction videos.


Who Is Alayna Joy’s Boyfriend?

In August 2019, Alayna Joy and her ex-fiance, Dallas Christopher, who they lived together, got engaged. On May 7, 2020, she posted a video announcing that she is a lezzo and not bi.

She revealed that although though she loved her fiance Dallas and had erroneously thought she was bisexual, she had actually realized that she was only attracted to women.

Dallas allowed Alayna to date other women as part of their open partnership. One month after Dallas released the video, Alayna decided to stop.


Alayna Joy was in a relationship with Dallas Christopher till she came out as lezzo.
Alayna Joy was in a relationship with Dallas Christopher till she came out as lezzo. ( Source : instagram )


She appears to be unmarried right now and is concentrating on growing personally. Right now, she is fully focused to creating excellent content for her YouTube channel. She decided without going for her Master’s, a difficult and important choice. She has, however, been able to carve out time to begin creating the stuff she loves as a result.

I’m currently working on a new series that I’ll be releasing on my channel in the coming year.


How Rich Is Alayna Joy? Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Alayna Joy’s estimated net worth is $100,000.

Her 396k-subscriber YouTube channel serves as the content creator’s primary source of revenue. The figure is merely an estimate, and actual income could differ. the content producer who likes to spend time outside and consume vegan meals.

She focuses on the pride movement and provides her candid and light-hearted perspective on a range of issues, including mental health. Her love of climbing and outdoor exercise helps her connect with other like-minded ladies and individuals online.


Alayna Joy promoting the product of Rubycup
Alayna Joy promoting the product of Rubycup ( Source : instagram )

How Much Does Alayna Joy Make?

Alayna Joy’s profession as a content provider brings in a wealth. She appears to lead a very comfortable life, judging by her Instagram profile.

According to Forbes, a talented YouTuber can earn $5 for every 1,000 video views. A YouTube video with 1,000,000 views is worth up to $5,000, according to estimates. According to this supposition, as of September 2022, he had a total income of 2,081,004. YouTubers can make money and generate additional revenue in addition to ad placements.

Different forms of income are used by YouTubers.


Joy has also collaborated with Evocarshare.
Joy has also collaborated with Evocarshare. ( Source : instagram )


Additional Strategies to Boost YouTubers’ Income

  1. Affiliate links: With affiliate links, a YouTuber reviews or makes reference to a product or service, such as marketing software or makeup. If a viewer follows the link in the video description and completes an order, the YouTuber will receive a share of the proceeds.
  2. Merchandise: Popular YouTubers with many subscribers frequently turn their channel into a brand and start selling clothing, accessories, and accessories like hats and purses. Alayna also has her merchandise called “Alayna Store.” You can check out her website and shop from her store if you like her clothing.
  3. Sponsorship: Companies will work with YouTubers that have a substantial following to market their products. You might be surprised to learn how many businesses are prepared to pay YouTubers to promote or evaluate their products and increase sales.
  4. Alayna recently did a paid partnership with Bellesaco.

You can make good money on YouTube. However, creators need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the previous year in order to start earning money on YouTube.

Once they satisfy that condition, they can apply for YouTube’s Partner Program. With the application, channel owners may begin monetizing their channels through advertisements, memberships, and subscriptions.

YouTube offers possible earnings of up to $54 million. The following is a list of some of the highest-paid YouTubers, per Forbes:


S.N. Youtubers Net Worth 
1 Mr. Beast $54 million
2 Jake Paul $45 million
3 Markiplier $38 million
4 Rhett and Link  $30 million
5 Unspeakable $28.5 million
6 Nastya $28 million
7 Ryan Kaji $27 million
8 Dude Perfect $20 million
9 Logan Paul $18 million
10 Preston Arsement $16 million

Alayna Joy Aka MissFenderr Is From Canada

Alayna Joy, better known by her stage name MissFenderr, was born and raised in Steinbach, Manitoba, later moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is now a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Erin was her original middle name. She changed it to Joy in September 2018 to honor her mother’s middle name. When discussing her upbringing and self-identification, she described how challenging it was for her.

She only heard that “straight is fine, and other is a sin” from her neighborhood or the church she was attending.

They were not taught anything about the pride population, in addition to this. Thus, she stated: “great! I genuinely believed that I am not homo since I adore males and that all the other women feel the same way.”


Alayna Joy is originally from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada
Alayna Joy is originally from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada ( Source : instagram )


She simply avoided the subject and assumed that tight female friendships were the norm for girls. You have romantic feelings for and are attracted to some of your close friends, she said.

Everything didn’t alter till she discovered bi after graduating from high school. Thankfully, her family has always been quite supportive, and they were then too.

She said that she felt anxious and totally terrified after posting that coming-out video. She had no idea how or what people would say in response.

However, she has since found and located her tribe. And she genuinely feels relieved that she can now be who she really is.



Who was Alayna Joy engaged to?

Alayna Joy was engaged to Dallas Friesen.

How old is Alayna Fender?

Alayna Joy is 30 years old.

What Is The Height of Alayna Joy?

Alayna Joy is currently 5 ft 6in tall

What is the net worth of Alayna Fender ?

Alayna Fender has a net worth of roughly, $100,000.
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