Where Are Operation Repo Cast 2023: What Happened? Know More About Their Whereabouts

Learn more about ‘Where Are Operation Repo Cast 2023: What Happened?’ An American television show called Operation Repo explores the world of auto repossession from the San Fernando Valley in California. Luis Pizarro was the director and creator.

Where Are They Now With Operation Repo? Operation Repo features real-life accounts of repossession occurrences together with dramatic reenactments performed by the ensemble.


Where Are Operation Repo Cast 2023: What Happened? Know More About Their Whereabouts
Where Are Operation Repo Cast 2023: What Happened? Know More About Their Whereabouts

Facts About Operation Repo

An American television program called Operation Repo portrayed a family-run auto-repossession business with headquarters in California’s San Fernando Valley. Luis Pizarro also conceived and helmed it. 11 seasons and 286 episodes altogether. Operation Repo, a network-rated show in Spanish, debuted on Telemundo in October 2006 and truTV on March 31, 2008.

The series’ eleventh season debuted on December 18, 2013, and on February 5, 2014, it was broadcast. Operation Repo serves as an actual re-enactment. Operation Repo features staged drama even though it features real-life repossession stories.


More Details About Operation Repo Cast

The information on Operation Repo Cast is shown in the table below.


1 Matt Burch
2 Lyndah Pizarro
3 Lou Pizarro
4 Sonia Pizarro
5 Froylan Tercero
6 Jasmine Golden
7 Carlos Lopez
8 Vanessa Gomez
9 Jordan Emil Mueller
10 Asun Ortega
11 Les Mahoney
12 Peter Nikkos
13 Calo Rodriguez
14 Ronnie Lee


Where Are Operation Repo Cast 2023: What Happened?

San Fernando Valley, California-based Operation Repo is a repossession company. The performance is fiction. A large portion of the show’s programming uses actors and staged action to dramatize and scripted re-enactments of actual historical events.


Sonia Pizarro

TV celebrity Sonia Pizarro has opted to take part in the TV program Operation Repo, which depicts the world of auto repossession. Following the conclusion of “operation repo,” Sonia starred in the 2016 TV movie “Operation Sonia Love Thy Bleeping Neighbor” and the 2016 spinoff TV series “Operation Repo.”

Sonia was promptly hospitalized on May 9, 2018, due to health problems and a sudden, tragic stroke. This was announced by her family members on social media, and in June 2018 they said that she would return home and take it easy. Sonia is now living a joyful life surrounded by her loved ones and has embraced privacy.


Sonia Pizarro
Sonia Pizarro


Lyndah Pizarro

A well-known name on reality television is Lyndah Pizarro. Viewers will probably assume that she worked as a makeup artist for the renowned television series “Operation Repo,” which she co-created with her father, Lou Pizarro. Lyndah is well-known for three spinoffs, including the 2010 television film “Beverly Hills Pizarro,” operation Repo: “The movie,” Repo Chick, and operation Repo: Lou’s Revenge.

Lyndah engages in numerous agreements as an online influencer and has a sizable social media following. She also owns and runs the clothing labels Pinz pizza and Lyndahface, a cosmetics business. Lyndah, a single proud mother of two kids, is still a resident of the United States.


Lyndah Pizarro
Lyndah Pizarro


Matt Burch

Films like Repo Chick, Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, biker sex god, and Ride or Die are part of Matt Burch’s operation repo. Operation Repo was made available in Spanish. In the series “Operation Repo,” Matt Burch will be shown working with Sonia’s crew and there is a possibility that he would eventually join Froylan “Froy” Tecero, Sonia’s ex-husband.

Matt Burch acquired a lot of followers with the television series Operation Reop. At the moment, Matt Burch favors social media. Everyone is aware of his happy marriage to Mary Burch, and that in 2020 he became a grandfather.


Matt Burch
Matt Burch


Lou Pizarro

Lou Pizarro is the producer of the Operation Repo series, which includes the films and television shows Lou’s Revenge, The Blonde Bonder, Exodus of the Prodigal Son, and Mark & Clark World Adventures.

The executive producer of the upcoming television film “Way of the Empty Hand” is Lou. As a director and career, Lou Pizarro is still well-known in the entertainment sector.


Lou Pizarro
Lou Pizarro


Ronnie Lee

Along with the “It’s About Time and Game shakers,” Ronnie Lee began filming Operation Repo. He also played polo on the television show “one ten” and in another production. He took on the role of Kurtis Striker in the federal execution in the Academy Award-winning short film Skin in 2019.

Short films are now produced, directed, and edited by Ronnie Lee. Ronnie has worked in the film industry, supports his family, and has a contented existence.


Ronnie Lee
Ronnie Lee


Operation Repo Wiki Bio

In the gripping television series and drama Operation Repo, real-life episodes of automobile repossessions in California’s San Fernando Valley are recreated. Operation Repo storyline to give it a more dramatic appearance. The drama creates a lovely and exciting television series. The initial installments were made available on November 17, 2007.

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