Where Is Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar Now: Is She In Prison? Here Is What To Know

Learn more about ‘Where Is Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar Now: Is She In Prison?’ Yolanda Saldivar, Quintanilla’s biggest admirer, garnered media attention in 1995. News of Selena’s murder, the uncontested queen of Tejano music, spread like wildfire across America.

Yolanda Saldivar was apprehended by the responsible authorities due to her direct involvement in the famed artist’s slaying. She was accused of carrying out a heinous murder in 1995.


Where Is Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar Now: Is She In Prison? Here Is What To Know
Where Is Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar Now: Is She In Prison? Here Is What To Know


Saldivar, the admirer who killed the artist, continues to insist that she shot Selena inadvertently and that it was not her intention to do so. She could have done so in order to serve less time behind bars.

However, the court gave her life sentence under the strictest of security.

Please stick around to find out why the fan killed her idol and was accused of murder.


Where Is Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar Now: Is She In Prison?

As of this writing, Yolanda Saldvar, the killer of Selena Quintanilla, is incarcerated. Saldvar, 60, is currently incarcerated in Mountain View Unit, a women’s maximum security facility in Gatesville, Texas.

Saldár will be eligible for parole in 2025 while the fan murderer is serving a life sentence.

Singer Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar
Killer Yolanda Saldivar claimed to shoot her idol, Selena Quintanilla, accidentally. (Source: The Sun)

Quintanilla’s family, however, was devastated and gave up after losing their daughter.

Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, said that he and his family ceased showing support to his daughter’s killer. Furthermore, nothing would bring his daughter back, so he doesn’t care if Saldvar is released now or in the future.

Furthermore, Saldvar continues to stand by her claim that she inadvertently shot Selena. She insists that Selena’s death was an accident rather than a deliberate act.

Yolanda, Selena’s killer, said that Selena intended to end her life because Selena was there to help her while Yolanda was being sexually tortured in Mexico.

Selena attempted to open the door to prevent Yolanda from shooting herself, but the pistol accidentally discharged.

The investigation team and the court, on the other hand, never accepted Yolanda Saldavar’s made-up explanation and deemed it to be repetitious and untrue.

In the October 1995 trial, she entered a not guilty plea. The jurors, however, had a different opinion and most likely agreed in the end.

Abraham, Selena’s father, too thought the fan girl killed his daughter in a heinous act of love. In an interview with Primer Impacto on Univision, he stated:

The death of my daughter was not an accident. She was about to be fired, so it was a moment of pure rage for Saldvar.

After two hours of deliberation, the concerned authorities came to a conclusion. As a result, the 12-person jury panel found Yolanda Saldvar guilty of first-degree murder.


How Did American Singer, Selena Quintanilla Die?

When Yolanda Saldvar, Selena Quintanilla’s biggest fan, killed her, she was only 23 years old.


Selena Quintanilla Killer Yolanda Saldivar
Selena Quintanilla was shot dead by her fan Yolanda Saldivar. (Source: KSAT)

Quintanilla, an American musician, suffered a severed major artery after being shot in the lower right shoulder, according to the postmortem report.

Selena identified Saldvar as the offender before she got to the hospital. Her murderer followed after her as she left the room. Quintanilla, however, did not receive timely medical attention and was declared dead when he arrived.

After a nine-hour standoff, police authorities had Yolanda Saldvar under control. Before being safely apprehended, Yolanda allegedly denied planning a murder while holding a gun to her head.

She was also convicted guilty of first-degree murder by the court, and she now faces a life sentence.

Many of Selena’s close friends think Saldvar was possessive of her even though the murderer insisted the shooting was an accident and denied planning to kill her.

Similar to Yolana Salvidar, who reportedly became Selena’s biggest fan and moved away from her home for the American singer. In addition, Quintanilla even called her mother.

Saldvar resigned her work as a nurse to start the Selena fan group. She also managed the two Texas businesses owned by Selena.

The truth was disclosed by several of Selena’s family members, including her father Abraham, who said that the singer was possessive of her. When Selena discovered Saldvar skimming money, she was going to terminate her.

Quintanilla would be 49 years old if alive. She was poised to transform the music business when she was 23 years old, but a terrible setback inevitably brought her story to a close. Pure Soul, Peace Be With You!

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