Who Are kimia Behpoornia Parents And Siblings?- Details About Her Husband And Her Children

Let’s find out ‘Who Are kimia Behpoornia Parents And Siblings?’ Kimia Behpoornia’s family must be in favor of her professional endeavors. In the American arts and entertainment scene, she is becoming more well-known.

The American actress is well-known for her roles in Atypical (2017), Hacks (2021), and Abby’s (2018), according to IMDB (2019). She is also well-known for playing Gabriel in the well-known TV series “Lucifer.”

Aside from these four, the actress also starred in “Pop Rox,” a finalist for best short and actor in the 2017 NBC Universal Shorts Film Competition, and “Unicorn Store,” directed by Brie Larson.

She is a member of the mainstage ensemble of ComedySportz Los Angeles and performs and produces kid-friendly sketch comedy as part of “The Story Pirates.” All Male Panel, her sketch troupe, created full-screen videos with viral material and is now working on new Comedy Central projects.


Who Are kimia Behpoornia Parents And Siblings- Details About Her Husband And Her Children
Who Are kimia Behpoornia Parents And Siblings- Details About Her Husband And Her Children


It is a tremendous accomplishment for the actress to have come from an entirely ethnic background and settled in the American entertainment industry. Her recent accomplishment is evidence of her immense skill.

Her most recent endeavor is Steven Levitan’s American comedy series Reboot on Hulu. On September 20, 2022, the first episode made its debut. On October 25, 2022, the most recent episode of the program will air on television.

Five of the seven Reboot episodes had Behpoornia in them. Fans have responded well to her performance as Azmina, and the TV industry is seeing a dramatic increase in her popularity.


Who Are kimia Behpoornia Parents And Siblings?

Kimia Behpoornia was born in the US to Iranian parents. She must have her family’s backing because they avoid the spotlight.

Kimia was born and spent her youth in Los Angeles, California, while having strong ethnic ties to Iran. She has, however, seldom ever spoken about her upbringing.


Kimia Behpoornia's parents.
Kimia Behpoornia’s parents. ( Source : instagram )


The American actress discussed her life in one podcast, talking about what it was like to grow up in the US with Iranian parents. She discussed how, although residing in western society, she was reared in Iranian culture.

She has often kept her personal life private, however she did once share photos of her parents on Instagram. Through a social media message, the artist showed her appreciation and admiration.

The American artist also discussed what it’s like to be queer in an Iranian household and how that feels. She and those around her were both taken aback by the event. However, she manages to succeed in the field.

We can’t ignore the fact that she is very close to her parents and siblings, despite the fact that she has made an effort to keep her family life secret. More information about her will be made available later because she is currently developing her career in the field.


Facts About Kimia Behpoornia

Full Name Kimia Behpoornia
Nationality American
Ethnicity Iranian
Profession Comedian
Relationship Status Married to Hailey Chavez


Details About Kimia Behpoornia Marital Life

Hailey Chavez, a stunning partner of Iranian-American actress Kimia Behpoornia, is married to her. In May 2022, the pair exchanged vows.


Kimia Behpoornia and Hailey Chavez at their wedding.
Kimia Behpoornia and Hailey Chavez at their wedding. ( Source : instagram )


This year, the Kimia-Chavez pair planned a lavish wedding in the US. The pair looked lovely as they were married in front of their close friends and family.

Chavez, a comic writer and creator of Cuban and Mexican ancestry, is Behpoornia’s partner. She is most recognized for her roles in the television series Grown-ish, Pretty Smart, and Diary of a Future President, according to IMDB (2018).

The couple’s relationship is great since they share the same profession, and they have served as role models for the whole LGBTQ community. Their love story is defined by the social media postings they have made.

They have freely embraced one other’s cultural differences despite coming from quite diverse families and ethnic origins and haven’t encountered any relationship problems.

Kimia and Chavez appear to be focused on their current work right now. Kimia’s superb comic timing captivates spectators as Chavez crafts the finest tale from behind the camera.

Does Kimia Behpoornia Have Any Kids?

Iranian-American actress Kimia Behpoornia recently wed comedy writer Hailey Chavez, although the couple has not yet had a child.

Due to their shared sexual orientation, Kimia and Chavez may not be able to have children of their own naturally, but there are other options, such as surrogacy and child adoption. They haven’t said anything about their parenting or adoption plans, though.

The pair appears to be busy with their lives and is content to have each other. With only a few clicks, you may quickly explore the numerous facets of their lives on Instagram.

On the platform, Behpoornia may be found with the handle @childclown. On the site, she has over 7,000 followers and has published 90 times. “Just hoping to get popular enough, so my name doesn’t get quickly autocorrected,” her account bio states.

Similar to Behpoornia, Chavez, Behpoornia’s better half, is active on the platform with the handle @haileychavez.

On the site, she has over a thousand followers and 949 posts to her account.


Some FAQs

Does Kimia Behpoornia have a Wikipedia profile?

Kimia Behpoornia is an Iranian-American comedy artist. She is known for her work in Atypical (2017), Hacks (2021) and Abby’s (2019). However, she is yet to have her separate Wikipedia profile.

Is Kimia Behpoornia married?

Kimia Behpoornia came out as a homosexual in early 2022. Later, in May, she got married to comedy writer, Hailey Chavez.

How much is Kimia Behpoornia’s net worth?

Kimia Behpoornia hasn’t disclosed her earnings yet. However, several media websites have estimated her earning to be around $990k in 2022.
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