Who Are Megan Batoon Parents: Michele And Hyderick Batoon?

Let’s find out ‘Who Are Megan Batoon Parents: Michele And Hyderick Batoon?’ Jennifer Batoon Parents Hyderick Batoon and Michele DePompeo are from a non-celebrity background. American YouTuber Megan Batoon is a star.

Megan Batoon is a well-known American actress and writer best recognized for her roles in Step Up Revolution, Ladies of Rap, and Date A Max.

She made her acting debut in 2012 as a dancer in Step Up Revolution, and according to her IMDb page, she has since appeared in about 27 acting projects. Before making an appearance as a dancer in 2021, her final acting role was in a TV series in 2018.


Who Are Megan Batoon Parents: Michele And Hyderick Batoon?
Who Are Megan Batoon Parents: Michele And Hyderick Batoon?


In addition to acting, she has established a strong online persona thanks to her frequent YouTube vlogs. The woman has a solid following of followers thanks to her YouTube channel, MeganBatoon, which has more than 1.1 million subscribers.

She enjoys a sizable fan base across many media outlets, which keeps her in the spotlight because people are always curious about her personal life. Here, we delve a little deeper to talk about her love life and family.


Who Are Megan Batoon Parents: Michele And Hyderick Batoon?

Michele DePompeo and Hyderick Batoon gave birth to Megan Batoon.

Her parents, who were married for a considerable amount of time, later went their separate ways and are no longer together. Her mother has since remarried and is now residing with her new spouse.

While Megan’s mother is Irish and Polish, her father is Filipino. She is close to her father, who consistently encourages her and offers her congratulations on her endeavors.

The woman hasn’t talked much about her parents, but she did upload an Instagram image in 2021 about going somewhere with her architect father. This gives us the impression that Hyderick, her father, is a designer and an architect.


Photo shared by Megan showing her architect dad
Photo shared by Megan showing her architect dad ( Source : instagram )


Who Are Megan Two Siblings?

Nicole Batoon and Armani Batoon are Megan’s sisters’ names.

She spent a lot of time with her sisters while honing her future as she grew up alongside them. She appears to be close with Nicole, her older sister, and they have exchanged a few glances.

However, Megan has been reticent to discuss them and their backgrounds, including their careers and marriages.


Megan with her sister Nicole in 2014
Megan with her sister Nicole in 2014 ( Source : twitter )

Megan Batoon Is A YouTuber

American dancer and YouTuber Megan Batoon is based in Jacksonville.

She has a lovely boyfriend that she is dating right now, but she hasn’t said who he is.

Megan posted a YouTube video in May 2021 in which she prepares to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. However, there were no hints of her lover’s parents or other family members in the longer than 15 minute film.

She has made it known that she plans to end her previous relationship and start seeing someone new. Batoon waited a few years to date her present man so she could focus on improving herself and her job.


Megan Relationship History

Megan dated dancer Ian Eastwood before she began dating her present partner.

After briefly getting to know one another, they began dating in 2014. They first went out in 2014. Throughout their relationship, the two were fairly open about their feelings for one another and frequently offered glimpses of their lovely connection.


Megan Relationship History
Megan Relationship History


Since Megan is also a talented dancer and Eastwood is a dancer most known for being a member of the Mos Wanted Crew, people could see their adorable connection. Her supporters had hoped for a protracted, happy relationship between the two, but in 2016, they decided to call it quits.

Since 2016, Batoon has led a quiet life and avoided making friends. The woman was romantically associated to a few others during this time, including Andrew Siwicki and John Lloyd Cruz, although these discussions were merely hearsay. The Youtuber didn’t confirm or deny having a romantic relationship with them.

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