Who Is Actor Itzan Escamilla Married To? Details About His Relationship, Family And Net Worth

Learn more about ‘Who Is Actor Itzan Escamilla Married To?’ Spanish actor Itzan Escamilla Guerrero is most known for playing Samuel Garca in the Netflix series Élite.

With the program “Vctor Ros,” the Actor made his debut in the entertainment industry. He played Juan, one of the recurring roles, in seven episodes of the program.


Who Is Actor Itzan Escamilla Married To? Details About His Relationship, Family And Net Worth
Who Is Actor Itzan Escamilla Married To? Details About His Relationship, Family And Net Worth


Escamilla’s work on this program earned him a small part in the popular TV soap opera Seis Hermanas.


Who Is Actor Itzan Escamilla Married To?

It seems that Itzan is single. Like his Elite co-stars, he enjoys keeping his dating history and personal life a secret.


Itzan Escamilla
Itzan Escamilla with his fan (source: Pinterest)

Despite the show’s popularity, he has kept a low profile. You are welcome to go at his Instagram page, but there are no hints about future dates there.

Aside from the relationship charges involving Ester Expósito, he has only ever been connected to one other lady.

When he uploaded an Instagram photo of himself kissing a man, people began to speculate about his sexual orientation (which has since been taken down).

Itzan, however, has never come out as gay or acknowledged that the man in the picture is his boyfriend. So, we’ll just have to believe what he says.

Although they are friends and co-stars who get along well, there were rumors that Carla Dáz and Itzan Escamilla were dating.

There have been rumors that Itzan is dating Ester Exposito (Carla), a former Elite co-star, but these claims have been refuted.


Facts About Itzan Escamilla Family Ethnicity

The actor’s first day on the planet was October 31st, the day of his birth. He was brought to his mother and father in Madrid, Spain, in 1998.


Itzan Escamilla age height and w e1668770286204
Itzan Escamilla with his mother

Itzan Escamilla is therefore 21 years old as of the year 2019. The water sign of Scorpio is the sign of many famous people. He was given the name Itzan Escamilla Guerrero as a child.

Early in his career, the talented performer played Francisco on Cable Girls (15 years old).

Itzan was the ideal combination of attitude, physique, and face features. He was described as being 69 kilograms (kg) in weight, five feet and eleven inches (180 cm) tall, and having a razor-sharp jawline.

By 2020, Itzan had already done a lot of traveling. While visiting England, Austria, and the United States, he was exposed to a variety of cultural practices.


How Rich Is Itzan Escamilla? Net Worth Explored

Itzan Escamilla’s net worth is expected to reach over $1.2 million by 2023. His acting career allowed him to earn such a large money.

He’s expected to make a good $50,000 from his acting and modeling careers. One of the well-known Spanish talent agencies, Garay Talent, is his representative.

By promoting high-end luxury brands globally on Instagram, he is able to earn a respectable living and live a simple life.

The new roles and other Drama series he will be appearing in will raise his net worth.


Inside Itzan Escamilla Career

In the Spanish television series “Centro medical,” Itzan made his acting debut in 2016 as Isco. He only made an appearance in one episode of the show. He played Juan in “Victor Ros,” a Spanish TV series, that same year.

For seven episodes of the series, he gave an excellent performance. At the end of 2016, she then had an appearance as Gorilla in the Spanish soap opera “Seis Hermanas.”

In the Spanish television series “El conclusion del Camino,” Escamilla opens 2017 as Gonzalo. He shows up in two of the episodes.

After that, he made a guest appearance as a young Simon Bolivar in a Spanish fantasy TV show. His exceptional performance in the series contributed to his early success.

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