Let find out ”Who Is Aileen Cannon Husband?” Donald Trump appointed the American District Court judge Aileen Cannon. The US Senate approved Cannon to serve as a judge in 2020. Aileen heard the Donald Trump case after being chosen to serve as a judge. Trump was the winner of the ruling.

The Justice Department’s investigation of documents collected from the former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was blocked by a court judge who cited a threat to organizations and the possibility of damaging media leaks to Trump.

Cannon, a Trump appointee who was confirmed by the Senate one week after Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, made the decision to give the Justice Department and Trump’s attorneys until September 9 to submit a joint filing that would propose a list of potential special master candidates and lay out their responsibilities and restrictions.

Cannon, in the meantime, has decided that Trump will not receive the materials back.


Judge Orders To Halt Review Of Documents Of Trump ( Source : En )


Husband Of Federal Judge Aileen Cannon Who Is Josh Lorence

Josh Lorence and Aileen Cannon, a federal judge, have been wed since June 7, 2008.

She at least has two children. Josh and Aileen dated for five years before they wed. Josh chose to pop the question while the couple was on vacation in Athens.


Picture Of Aileen and Her Husband Josh
Picture Of Aileen and Her Husband Josh ( Source : theknot )


Aileen, however, had a strong suspicion that he would get engaged while on the trip and she even told her mother about it. Josh proposed to Aileen in a romantic location overlooking the historic ruins on the very first day of their trip.

But in the middle of the proposal, a large turtle started to walk by, which caused him to become distracted. He paused and said, “Look, the turtle!” Aileen couldn’t help but giggle and nodded yes to Josh.

Religion And The Political Background Of Aileen Cannon

Most likely, Aileen Cannon practices Christianity. Aileen had no prior political experience when she began her career.

Cannon’s mother shared her experience during a confirmation hearing before the 2020 Senate Judiciary Committee. She described how she fled Fidel Castro’s communist tyranny in Cuba when she was seven years old.

She thanked her family members and talked about how the experience had changed her. Cannon, who studied in Spain, was born in 1981 in Columbia, South Carolina.


Aileen Was Born In Columbia But Her Mother and She moved To USA
Aileen Was Born In Columbia But Her Mother and She moved To USA ( Source : theminnesotasun )


She has two language skills. The judge may have immigrated to the country at some point, but she seems to have lived there her whole adult life. In the US, Aileen worked for the first time.

Aileen served as a paralegal for the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC, from 2003 to 2005. She had experience working at many law firms as well as the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk.

Aileen Cannon’s Net Worth In 2022

The wealth of Aileen Cannon is less than $1 million. A district court judge in the USA makes an average income of about $230,000 per year, according to uscourts.gov.

Cannon served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida prior to being nominated to her current position.

Cannon will be nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as a United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

She was proposed to take over the position left vacant by Judge Kenneth Marra, who retired on August 1 of last year. With a vote of 16–6, her nomination was approved without committee. On November 12, 2020, the Senate approved her nomination with a vote of 56 to 21.

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