Who Is André Lamoglia Girlfriend- Parents, Siblings And Dating Timeline Explored

Let’s find out ‘Who Is André Lamoglia Girlfriend’ In 2022, will Andre Lamgolia be dating his girlfriend? Let’s look deeper to learn more about his love life.

He is a well-known Brazilian actor best known for his roles as Luan in Bia’s second season and Rafael Smor in Juacas. He is a YouTuber as well.

The young actor from Brazil is now going through one of the most wonderful moments in his life and profession. Andre is now a member of one of the most well-known Netflix series in the world, and he is entirely committed to Elite.

For his parts in the Latin American Disney programs Juacas and Bia, Lamoglia had already achieved international acclaim. Despite this, and maybe more significantly, he has turned into an environmentalist, inspiring young people all around the world to protect the planet and its resources. A second actor sibling of Andre exists.


Andre is a global superstar originally from Brazil ( Source : Instagram )

Some Facts About Andre Lamoglia

Name Andre Lamoglia
Age 25
Profession Actor
Sibling Victor Lamoglia
Parents Joao Roberto Fontes and Regina Lamoglia
Nationality Brazilian


André Lamoglia Girlfriend And Dating Timeline Explored

Andre Lamogli isn’t dating anyone right now and doesn’t have a girlfriend. He needs to be committed to his career.

Many people were interested in whether Brazilian actor Andre was homosexual in real life when he portrayed one in the television show Elite, but that is untrue since Lamogli first found it difficult to film the scene.


Andre with Valentina Zenere
Andre with Valentina Zenere ( Source : instagram )


Lamogli once shared a photo of himself and Valentina Zenere on Instagram in which they were seen cuddling and kissing each other’s cheeks while posing for a picture.

However, there were no further posts regarding Valentina on his profile after that, thus that behavior never happened again.

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André Lamoglia Parents Details Explored

In Rio de Janeiro, the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andre Lamoglia was born to loving parents. His family is a Christian household.

His father is Joao Roberto Fontes, and his mother is Regina Lamoglia. Andre publishes on social media while spending time with his family.


Family Picture Of Andre Lamoglia
Family Picture Of Andre Lamoglia ( Source : instagram )


The actor sends his mum birthday greetings over the site since they are close. Andre prepared everything for his mother’s birthday and cooked as well.

Visit Andre’s mother’s Instagram profile by searching on @reginalamoglia.

In the past two years, Regina has not made any posts. But she had a family photo of herself as the very first image on her page.

Both Andre Lamoglia And His Brother Are Actors

Victor, Andre Lamoglia’s brother who is four years older than he is, and Andre were both reared together. It appears that Victor’s example has been followed by Andre. Both are actors from Brazil.

When he was just nine years old, his brother began performing in theater, and since then, he has racked up several cinematic credits. Victor recently rose to greater recognition as a YouTuber; he now has almost 1 million subscribers.


Victor Is The Elder Brother Of Andre Lamoglia
Victor Is The Elder Brother Of Andre Lamoglia ( Source : instagram )


His television and film credits include Ana and Vitoria, Ninguém Tá Olhando, and Everything for A Popstar.

He traveled and performed throughout Brazil for over two years with his improv group, “Deu Branco – Improvised Scenes.” He made television appearances in the Multishow productions A Grande Familia, As Scoundrels, and Desenrola A. He also contributes to the amusing Parafernalha YouTube channel.

How Rich Is  André Lamoglia? Net Worth In 2022 Explored

The estimated value of Andre Lamoglia’s assets is $1 million. However, this information just represents the actor’s alleged net worth as determined by his film roles.

Lamoglia is a regular traveler as well; there are photos of him visiting places like Spain and Italy.

He made his professional television debut in 2016 as one of the main characters, Rafa Some, in the Disney Channel Brasil series “Juacas.” In the same year, André had an appearance in the Rede Globo soap drama “rock story.”

The next year, the appealing actor had an appearance in the 2017 television series “Secrets of Justice,” portraying Tomaz, the character’s main character and the son of Gloria Pires, an actress.


Some Frequently Asked Question

Who Is The Sibling Of Andre Lamoglia?

Andre Lamoglia was raised alongside his brother Victor, who is four years older than him. It seems like Andre has followed in the footsteps of Victor. Both are Brazilian actors.

Does Andre Lamoglia Have A Girlfriend?

Andre Lamogli doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment and isn’t dating anyone, according to his Instagram.’

What Is The Net Worth Of Andre Lamoglia?

Andre Lamoglia’s net worth might be around $1 million. However, this data is just the assumed worth of the actor based on the movie appearance he has had.
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