Let’s find out “Who Is Chris Rock’s Sister Andi Rock On Instagram?” As the sister of well-known comedian Chris Rock, many people are familiar with Andi Rock. She is just known to others as his little sister and nothing more.

Chris, a well-known comedian, author, actor, and director, had his acting debut in a small part in 1985. He had already given a stand-up comedy set in New York’s “Catch a Rising Star.” before that.

Rock, a well-known and contentious comedian, is now in Australia as part of his ongoing tour of the country. He is touring abroad for the first time in five years with the cast of The Grown-Ups.

Chris will play twice this month: on Saturday, August 13, at the Aware Super Theatre, and on Monday, August 15, at the Qudos Bank Arena. Chris declared earlier this month that he had “no plans” to contact Will Smith following the actor’s written apology.

Fans have been curious to learn more about his sister Andi despite the fact that he is currently the center of attention due to his tour. Here are a few things about her that you probably didn’t know.


Who Is Andi Rock? Age Explored

According to information found online, Andi Rock is a therapist in addition to being Chris Rock’s sister. Andi, who was born on March 19, 1985, will be 37 years old in 2022.

She is the youngest kid who, like her siblings, was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Julius Rock, her father, was a truck driver who also delivered newspapers.


Who Is Chris Rock's Sister Andi Rock On Instagram
Andi Rock smiling while holding her wedding dress just before the ceremony ( Source : Instagram )


When her father passed away in surgery for an ulcer in 1988, Andi was a very small child. Her mother Rosalie Rock, on the other hand, worked as a social worker and teacher for kids with intellectual disabilities.

As the host of The Mom Show, Rosalie has also established herself on television. She also writes books like Mama Rock’s Rules: Ten Lessons For Bringing Up A Family Of Successful Kids.

Andi Rock Siblings – How Many Are They?

Chris Rock, Andi Rock’s older brother, is a well-known figure. She has other siblings as well, but she is best known as the famous comedian’s sister.

With Chris excluded, Andi actually has more brothers. Andre Rock, her other brother, is the family’s second-born child and has one of the most understated personalities.

Then, like Chris, Tony Rock entered the comedy world. All of Us, Everybody Hates Chris, and Living Biblically are just a handful of the sets he has performed.

Like Andre, Brian Rock has likewise maintained a discreet and sedate way of life. Now let’s talk about Kenny. He had successfully landed a few acting jobs.

Jordan, Andi’s younger brother, has also decided to pursue a career in comedy.

Where Is Andi Rock Today?

Currently, Rock Hill, South Carolina, is home to Andi Rock. She had a particular interest in dealing with children, just like her mother.


Andi walking down the aisle with her partner of more than a decade on their micro-wedding
Andi walking down the aisle with her partner of more than a decade on their micro-wedding ( Source : Instagram )


Rock, a therapist, works with autistic children. She has up till now lived a very secluded life and has avoided the spotlight at all costs.

In the middle of 2010, Rock and Brett Nelson began dating. They were wed in a little ceremony that she described as a “micro-wedding” in the middle of November 2020.

She hasn’t shared any personal information about her relationship on social media out of respect for his privacy. Andi likes to watch football, and she usually goes with her spouse.

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