Daisy Mackay with her brother, actor George MacKay at a party in 2019 ( Source : instagram )

Who is Daisy Mackay let find out. Peter Pan actor George MacKay has a younger sister named Daisy Mackay who was born in the United Kingdom.

Through his work, he has created a niche fan base for himself at a period when the majority of young performers falter or lose their appeal.
I Came By, a twisting but predictable thriller with a weak narrative, marks his actual comeback, but critics can’t stop complimenting his performance.

The film’s director, Babak Anvari, focuses on the lives of two lonesome boys named Toby (George MacKay), and Jay (Percelle Ascott), who think they are the ones who put an end to evil.

Their guiding principle is to break into the houses of affluent individuals and spray paint them. The story truly begins when they break into the residence of former high court judge Hector Blake, where things went terribly wrong.

The movie won’t be accessible on Netflix until August 29, so reviewers will have to wait a bit longer.


Full Name Daisy MacKay
Brother George Andrew J. MacKay
Father Paul MacKay
Mother Kim Baker


Daisy Mackay, George MacKay’s Sister, How Old Is She? What Is The Difference Between Their Ages?

Daisy is the younger sister of BAFTA Rising Star Award winner George MacKay. We can presume that their age difference is less than 30 years because we don’t know how old she is and her brother was born in 1992.

He got the attention of filmmaker Kevin Macdonald after growing up in a very public environment when he asked to audition for the Eddie role in How I Live Now with Saoirse Ronan.

George MacKay on being British and getting rejected from roles in an interview with BBC
George MacKay on being British and getting rejected from roles in an interview with BBC ( Source : bbc )


Then, as a 20-year-old struggling to come out in homophobic Britain, he won hearts with a novel strategy. His variety expanded as he took on every role in the film canon. When he was nominated for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards, his talent at last began to pay off.

He was known for going above and above for his jobs and was seen as a model by his colleagues.

He was described as an enigma by Flaunt author Elizabeth Aubrey because of his incessant desire to establish his value.

Regardless of whether his decisions were successful or unsuccessful, he uses his position to experiment with storytelling, leaving the audience with more questions than answers.

Who Are Daisy Mackay Parents, Paul Christopher MacKay And Kim Baker?

Paul Christopher MacKay, an Australian, and his English-born wife Kim Baker are the parents of Daisy Mackay and her brother. The siblings were raised in Barnes, and their grandmother gave them some Irish ancestry.

While her father kept things simple as a stage and lighting manager, her mother worked as a costume designer. George’s first acting role came at age 10, which was only natural given that her family had some connections to the entertainment industry.


In 2002, the young child was discovered by a scout who was searching for the ideal Peter Pan. He attended a session with the cast and after a brief tryout was on the set.

He continued his education in the interim at the exclusive London school The Harrodian School. He was lucky enough to discover his calling, but he was unable to succeed in the competitive entry exams of the esteemed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Is Daisy Mackay On Instagram

Daisy Mackay has just under 3,000 followers on her Instagram account, which goes by the name daisymackay.

She alerts her actor brother about her contacts, unlike other families of celebrities.

She attends parties with a buddy while living in London and finds time for wholesome dinners with her family in between.

The unbreakable sibling link gives the family its solid foundation.


Daisy MacKay at a family lunch with her father, mother, brother and dog in 2020.
Daisy MacKay at a family lunch with her father, mother, brother and dog in 2020. ( Source : instagram )


He still spends a lot of time with his younger sister despite his busy schedule. When he is absent for a movie shoot, the family of three sometimes manages with her puppy and feels equally a part of the group.

They do enjoy coming together for dinners, whatever the occasion, and taking family photos to create memories.


Does George MacKay have siblings?

  • Daisy Mackay is George MacKay’s sibling.

Is George Mckay’s dad?

  • Paul Mackay is George MacKay’s father.

How old is George Mckay?

  • George MacKay is 30 years old.

Does George MacKay speak fluent German?

  • George MacKay can not speak of word of German and had to learn the entire script phonetically and sell it on the day.
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