Who Is Darla Claire, Pro Gamer Clix's Girlfriend?

Let  find out ”Who Is Darla Claire” The news frequently features Clix, real name Cody Conrod, in relation to his girlfriends.

According to our knowledge, the Fortnite player has relationships with Lina, Dlara, and Ripraraa in total. He did, however, split up with two of his girls in quick succession, leaving him single.

Who Is Darla Claire, Pro Gamer Clix's Girlfriend?Clix is a Fortnite gamer and a Twitch streamer. ( Source : Instagram )
Real Name Cody Conrod
Age 17
Born January 7, 2005
Nationality American
Partners Ripraraa, Dlara Claire, Lina
Relationship Status Single
Popular as NRG Clix
Occupation Twitch Streamer, Gamer, Youtuber


Who Is Clix Girlfriend Currently?

The connection Clix had with his girlfriend Darla Claire did not endure very long. He has received trolling for his connections to numerous other girls.

With 42k Instagram followers and 234.1K TikTok followers, Darla is a social media celebrity. They began dating in June, but it didn’t even last a month.

Similar to that, he revealed his relationship with Lina after the separation. But he also uploaded news about being duped by her within a day.

Cody and Ripraraa, alias Abby, were previously seen in the picture that Clix uploaded on Twitter with the caption, “got a GF,” taking a mirror selfie. Abby plays Fortnite and streams on Twitch for those that are interested.

Despite the fact that this was not rare, the Fortnite/pro community as a whole began making fun of him. When the trolling started, Clix was 17 and Ripraraa was 21, which made their relationship into a joke.

Is Clix Dating Darla Claire?

On June 20, 2022, Clix revealed his romance with Darla Claire on Twitter. The Fortnite prodigy claims in his most recent tweet that his new partner misled him, so it appears that things have soured.

The last time Clix streamed live on Twitch, Andrew Tate and his girlfriend joined him. During the webcast, Darla, the gamer’s lover, gave him his first kiss.


Who Is Darla Claire, Pro Gamer Clix's Girlfriend?
Clix Confront Darla about his relationship with Darren. ( Source : youtube )


But everything collapsed inside a day. Clix quickly learned that Darla was having an extramarital affair with Darren. This recommendation was made by several online users who observed a man named Darren in several of her TikTok videos.

Things grew more heated when new internet evidence that Darla was dating Darren surfaced. In actuality, Darren was questioned by some of his admirers regarding his relationship with Darla, to which he gave an affirmative answer.

After learning that Darla was probably having an extramarital affair with their favorite Fortnite player, Clix’s fans started to trash her on social media.

Darla discussed these remarks in a recent Instagram “Live” video. A couple of the remarks also included threats and hate speech.

She insisted that the two “never really were a thing” and that the hostility leveled at her was unjustified.

She was the first person he had ever grown close to and with whom he had lost his virginity, so despite everything, he still did not want to lose her.


Clix ex-girlfriend, Lina (left), Clix and his another ex-girlfriend, Darla (Right)
Clix ex-girlfriend, Lina (left), Clix and his another ex-girlfriend, Darla (Right) ( Source : sportskeeda )


While trying to convince himself that everything is only a rumor, Clix desperately wanted to believe that she was a devoted individual. But his close friend Ronaldo, who exposed Carla in a video for lying, opened his eyes.

When he saw Darla’s Snapchat during a Livestream with his friend Ronaldo, things got worse. He interrupted her live video conversation with Darren, whom she described as her best friend, after going through everything.


Clix’s Second Girlfriend, Lina Dumps Him On Livestream

He started dating Lina, another Fortnite player, not long after splitting up with Darla Claire.

On Livestream, the two broadcasters were talking about one another and striving to get used to their new relationship. Cody, however, soon thought up a justification to eject Lina from the space.

As soon as Lina departed, Clix made sure she couldn’t hear him and started talking about his ex-girlfriend Darla.

He finally phoned Darla on Livestream to make sure everything was OK. When asked where she was, Darla replied that she and Darren were in a car.


Lina, Clix's ex- girlfriend cheated him with another guy
Lina, Clix’s ex- girlfriend cheated him with another guy ( Source : twitter )


The Fortnite expert convinced Darla to give him some time to sort things out and told her he missed her. Sadly, Lina, who was in another room, heard the conversation.

He responded, “L + ratio,” to Lina’s challenge during the Livestream, which enraged her and caused her to leave the house.

The whole of the text translates L+ Ratio as “he was not currently worried with her or her rage.”

After a video showing how he ignored Lina appeared online, word of the breakup spread.

The following day, @DucksFnm tweets Clix a video of Lina and him kissing while lip-syncing to Eminem’s “Superman” song.

However, the user didn’t stop there. He later posted a picture of himself and Lina along with the caption “not even 24 hours later.”


What Is Clix’s Real Name And Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Clix, real name Cody Conrod, is thought to be worth $3 million. His Twitch and Youtube channels, where he posts Fortnite videos, are where he makes the most of his income.

As of September 2022, he had 2M followers on Instagram, 1.95M subscribers on Youtube, and 5.4M followers on Twitch.


Clix’s Earnings By Playing Fortnite

In the Fortnite World Cup, where he qualified five times, Clix received $162,000 in prize money. The American gamer rose to stardom after qualifying for the inaugural Fortnite World Cup, where he won $58,000 in cash.


Clix was temporarily banned from Twitch in 2019 and 2020
Clix was temporarily banned from Twitch in 2019 and 2020 ( Source : us )


Clix’s Earnings As Youtuber

With 1.95 million subscribers as of today—the year after he published his first YouTube video—Clix makes between $10K and $20K each month.

He also makes money through his channel’s commercials. For every 1,000 times an advertising is viewed, advertisers give YouTube a specific sum of money. After YouTube deducts 45%, the remaining amount is paid to the artist. According to Businessinsider, certain subjects, like personal finance or cryptocurrency, may boost an author’s ad earnings by attracting a wealthy readership.


Clix posing in his car.
Clix posing in his car. ( Source : instagram )


Clix’s Earnings As A Twitch Streamer

Twitch streamers get their money from subscribers. Clix has 5.4 million users, according to his twitch website, and makes money from paid subscriptions, donations, and influencer marketing.

Every Twitch influencer’s channel will have a variety of sponsorships, affiliate sales, and adverts. As a Twitch streamer, you receive $0.01 for each Twitch Bit that is given during your broadcast by viewers cheering.

Here is the world’s wealthiest Twitch streamer, and below is a list of the richest Fortnite players.


S.N Fortnite Players Earnings
1 Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf $3.15
2 David “Aqua” Wang $1.9 million
3  Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen $1.5 million
4 Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton $1.35 million
5 Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman $1.3 million
6 Nate “Kreo” Kou $1.2 million
7 Dave “Rojo” Jong $1.2 million
8 Williams “Zayt” Aubin  $1.2 million
9 Rocco “Saf” Morales $1.14 million
10 Davis “Ceice” McClellan  $1.1 million
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