Who Is English Actor Jay Lycurgo? 5 Fast Facts You Should Know

Let’s find out ‘Who Is English Actor Jay Lycurgo?’ One of the rising stars in the Netflix series’ roster is the English actor Jay Lycurgo.

On October 28, a mysticism and witchcraft-based Netflix production with a tinge of gore arrived. The Halloween week did not let down fans with a long list of macabre events planned. One such film, Half Bad, is based on the young adult trilogy by Sally Green and stars Lycurgo as Nathan Byrn, Marcus Edge’s son, who is played by David Gyasi.

As the episodes gradually reveal his horrifying behaviors, the vicious and violent witch is the worst of the bunch.

The abilities flooded into his body once the clock struck twelve on the night of his 17th birthday, leaving everyone around him helpless.

Who Is English Actor Jay Lycurgo? 5 Fast Facts You Should Know
Who Is English Actor Jay Lycurgo? 5 Fast Facts You Should Know

Despite his continued fear about the future, he was supported by his accomplice, Annalise. But as he was foretold to be the one to put his father’s life an end, power also comes with responsibility.

The character is nuanced and experiences a range of emotions during the entire film. But the actor isn’t exactly open about revealing who he really is. So, here are five things we learned about him.

Quick Info:

Name Jay Lycurgo
Age 24 years
Born February 6, 1998
Nationality British

1. Jay Lycurgo Is Currently 24 Years Old

Actor Jay Lycurgo, who was born in Britain and is now 24 years old, was born on February 6, 1998. He had a typical English upbringing with the dismal weather, despite the fact that we cannot discover much information about his early years.

As a child, he spent his days in front of the television and dived deep into comic books and pop culture. Though he believed it to be an impossibility, he yearned to be a part of the individuals inside his screen.

Because he was forced to hide his goals, there was less depiction of race at that time.

In spite of this, he excelled in his secondary schooling and enrolled in Arts Educational Schools London. He earned a bachelor’s degree in acting in 2019, making him one of the institute’s top students.

He intended to have his name added to the lists of notable alumni like Julie Andrews and Nigel Harmon.


Jay Lycurgo in Season 3 Episode 13 of Titans.
Jay Lycurgo in Season 3 Episode 13 of Titans. ( Source : pressroom )


The reality was scarier than his imagination, as finding work was more difficult for him because of his skin tone. Realizing he had no one to look up to, he vented his fury on Twitter by calling for superheroes of color to be people of color.

His perseverance eventually paid off as he was chosen to play Tim Drake in Titans season three. It was an amazing delight, he said, and he could proudly display the distinctive red and yellow outfit, according to The Nerds of Color.

He has worked on 12 additional projects, thus his outstanding list of accomplishments is not limited to only them.

He portrayed characters like Kyle O’Keefe in Doctors, Marcus in I May Destroy You, Will in War of the Worlds, and Paul in Cheaters, to mention a few, according to his IMDb.


2. The Third Season Of  Titans Features Jay Lycurgo

When they learned that Jay Lycurgo had been cast as Tim Drake in the third season of Titan in 2021, his ardent supporters celebrated.

The character has, in fact, become a fan favorite ever when he first appeared in the DC animated universe in 1989. He had a heavy load of responsibility because he was the first person to depict him in real action.

Before starting the program, he was praised for his intense commitment to the project, and the sincere admiration just made him love Tim more. It helps that the protagonist is endearing, acting as a role model for the kids and connecting with their issues.

In addition, he is not struggling like his pals who have endured terrible tragedies in the past, such as the death of Dick’s parents or Jason’s rebellion and subsequent life on the streets. Lycurgo portrays a 16-year-old prodigy who is eager to take charge of a group of outcasts. He remembered doing the audition, a different Drake from the one he had become.

But as he respected the enormous excitement that he brought, he began to relate to the imaginary character on a deeper level.

Director Larnell Stovall expertly captured his personality and helped him to embrace his qualities, despite the fact that there was anxiety and uncertainty.

Unknown to most, he previously appeared in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and has experience working alongside Batman. But since he had already shot his sequences before hearing about the Titians casting call, the two endeavors had nothing to do with one another.

3. Jay Lycurgo Is The Child Of His Parents

We already know that Jay Lycurgo is the child of English parents who have chosen to remain anonymous to prying eyes.

They obviously want to spend their lives in secrecy and avoid participating in Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. Even his social media channels comply with their demands since they are empty of them.

In addition, it is undeniable that he comes from a mixed-race family and must have experienced early exclusion from both sides of the community.

Despite his difficult background, his family has always supported him, and he has a strong network of friends who will be there for him if anything goes wrong.


Titans has found their Tim Drake, aka Robin, in The Batman’s Jay Lycurgo.
Titans has found their Tim Drake, aka Robin, in The Batman’s Jay Lycurgo. ( Source : theilluminerdi )


He admitted that it was incredibly difficult for him to maintain secrets from those closest to him, and that the only way he could have gotten the Titan’s quiet role was by being abroad while the movie was being filmed. He managed to keep his mouth shut thanks in part to Canada’s bitter cold. They learned about it through the official announcement, just like everyone else.

Funny enough, when he snapped a photo in front of Drake’s house and created the contacts that led him getting the role of Tim Drake, fans believed he was giving them a hint.

Despite the coincidence between the two occurrences, he enjoyed the conspiracy ideas.

In contrast to other prominent characters in the DC Universe, even his character’s family is a loving group. He drew inspiration from his own experiences, thus expressing the feelings was simple.

4. Jay Lycurgo Is In A Relationship

It is no secret that Jay Lycurgo is a guy in love because he is constantly accompanied by his blonde-haired girlfriend.

Although the young woman appears to be his age, she has no personal social media accounts. People who are curious about her attract extra attention to their connection because of her obscurity.

In 2020, they made their first public appearance on his Instagram while cuddling in front of the field during the day. The sun appeared for a brief period, although gloomy clouds were still visible in the distance.

He does, in fact, make fun of his ardent admirers about his love aspirations by just referring to her as boo instead of providing any further details.

As they walked to the seashore and enjoyed a pleasant day while playing in the icy water, it appears that he devoted the months of December to her name.

When he referred to her as his honey anchor in April, she suddenly reappeared just when everyone assumed they had parted ways. We make time for them whenever he comes in town, assuming that they have been friends since they were little.


Jay Lycurgo with his girlfriend in 2021.
Jay Lycurgo with his girlfriend in 2021. ( Source : instagram )


With rainbow flags in his captions, Lycurgo has been open about his support for the LGBT community. He had the opportunity to experience being a bisexual character, which has made him more receptive to the notion.

Additionally, he has no shortage of attractive women because he played on the same squad as Teagan Croft and Damaris Lewis. He has however remained innocent out of loyalty to his favorite female.

One of his other little-known secrets is that he adores animals and will take every opportunity to pose for photos with them. He has no trouble becoming friends with dogs; they appear to like him.

5. Jay Lycurgo Has 85,000 Instagram Followers

Jay Lycurgo has a verified Instagram account with the name jaylycurgo, where he may be reached by a total of 8.5 thousand users.

He keeps interviews brief and to the point, but on Instagram, he shares his heart and displays his passion of fashion. Although the platform is notorious for showing life via a filter, his devotion is obvious to everybody. He also enjoys talking about fresh subjects because he used to respond to the majority of the comments on the website.

The 24-year-old, however, did not become famous over night; he toiled with blood, sweat, and tears to get to where he is now. Several actors to aspire to, since he adored Chadwick Boseman, a fellow performer.

Since he was the first African American superhero, the actor represented a revolution for the majority of people of color. He used his social media accounts to celebrate his life and travels, thus it’s reasonable to conclude that his passing broke his heart.


Jay Lycurgo has 85k followers on Instagram.
Jay Lycurgo has 85k followers on Instagram. ( Source : m )


Between 2017 and 2019, the professionally trained artist made his theater debut while acting on stage. He became involved with the Torch Song Trilogy’s development in 2019.

His early days were difficult as he struggled to land supporting or starring roles in short films like Man Down, Father of the Bride, and Brothers, to name a few.

Similar to this, his TikTok account recently saw an increase in followers, with 35,000 new users joining. The video-sharing website is a little more relaxed and features behind-the-scenes footage of his most recent performances’ shenanigans.

In fact, the app effectively demonstrated that he had a sense of humor by dressing up and dancing strangely while wearing wigs.


Some FAQs

Who does Jay Lycurgo play in the Batman?

Jay Lycurgo has been cast as Tim Drake for season 3 of the HBO Max superhero drama, EW has learned.

Is Jay Lycurgo British?

Jay Lycurgo is ready to represent mixed kids everywhere as Tim Drake in HBO Max’s Titans. The 23-year-old British actor, who is himself a fanboy of comic books and pop culture, never saw someone who looked like him on television or in film.
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