Who Is The Wife Of Darren Barnet, Has He Ever Married?
Who Is The Wife Of Darren Barnet, Has He Ever Married?Darren Barnet is an actor. ( Source : Instagram )

Let find out “Who Is The Wife Of Darren Barnet”

Paxton Hall-Yoshida, played by American actor Darren Barnet in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, is his most well-known role.

Barnet was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 27, 1991, and later relocated to Orlando, Florida, when he was 12 years old. He completed his secondary school education at Dr. Phillips High School in 2009 and received his Bachelor of Arts from Berry College in 2013.

At age five, the Love Hard actor knew he wanted to be an actor, but he didn’t start acting seriously until college. In television shows including S.W.A.T., Criminal Minds, This Is Us, Family Reunion, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., he has had small roles.

The 31-year-old provided his voice for the CGI-animated Netflix series Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, where he voiced Yuichi Usagi, the main character. A character in the upcoming Netflix anime Blue Eye Samurai will also be voiced by him.


Quick Facts

Full Name Darren Charles Barnet
Date of Birth April 27, 1991
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Voice Actor
Parents Charles D. Barnet Jr and Deborah Barnet
Siblings Two sisters
Known For Never Have I Ever

Who Is The Wife Of Darren Barnet-Is He Married?

Darren Barnet is not currently married. He has had a few love relationships in the past, but he hasn’t chosen anyone with whom to be married just yet.

Barnet, 31, is not in a hurry to find his future wife. His present exclusive concentration is on developing a promising acting career. The third season of his most recent project, Never Have I Ever, debuted on Netflix on August 12, 2022.

Barnet is romantically involved with Mikaela Hoover, another actress. In the latter’s movie, The Suicide Squad, which debuted in August 2021, the couple was shown together. They were in love with one another and could be seen kissing one other.


Who Is The Wife Of Darren Barnet, Has He Ever Married?
Darren Barnet is in a relationship with Mikaela Hoover.( Source : Instagram )


Additionally, Mikaela wished Darren a happy birthday on Instagram in April 2021 with a photograph of the two of them with the phrase, “You make me happy. Happy Birthday Angel,” and Darren reciprocated in July 2021 with the same photo and the message, “Happy birthday, darling. Today is for you.”

It’s unclear whether or not the couple is still together because they have stopped appearing in each other’s recent social media posts.

Parents, Siblings, And Ethnicity Of Darren Barnet

Charles D. Barnet Jr. and Deborah Barnet welcomed Darren Barnet into the world in Los Angeles. He is the second of his parents’ three children. He has both a younger and elder sister.

Charles, Barnet’s father, is an American who has German and Cherokee ancestry. He was born on September 4, 1961, to swing musician Charlie Barnet, who died on September 4, 1991, at the age of 77.


Darren Barnet is Never Have I Ever premiere.
Darren Barnet is Never Have I Ever premiere.( Source : Instagram )


Deborah, Barnet’s mother, is also Swedish but has Japanese ancestry. Barnet moved with his mother to the Orlando, Florida, suburbs when he was 12 years old.

The actor, who comes from a mixed-ethnic background, also speaks Japanese, conversational Spanish, and has studied French in addition to English.


How Rich Is Darren Barnet

Barren Barnet’s actual net worth in 2022 has not been made public. The 31-year-old actor is reportedly worth at least $2 million.

His acting career is the main source of Barnet’s income. He has contributed to a few films and television shows. His depiction of Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever helped him gain notoriety.



In the upcoming film Apophenia, which is now in post-production, Barnet will play the role of Peter. He also makes money through modeling and endorsing products.

Darren Barnet has 2.5 million followers on Instagram under the handle @darrenbarnet.

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