Who Was Ronnie Mcnutt Dating Before He Died?

Let’s find out ‘Who Was Ronnie Mcnutt Dating Before He Died?’ bMcNutt was an army veteran who worked at a Toyota plant in Blue Springs, New Albany, after returning from Iraq.

He worked at a Toyota plant. His mental health concerns included depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which were directly related to his duty in the Iraq War in 2007 and 2008.


Who Was Ronnie Mcnutt Dating Before He Died?
Who Was Ronnie Mcnutt Dating Before He Died?


Other mental health difficulties, such as anxiety, were also documented for Ronnie.

He went viral on social media in 2020 after shooting himself beneath the chin with a pump action shotgun to take his life during a Facebook live stream.


Who Was Ronnie Mcnutt Dating Before He Died?

Before committing himself, Ronnie Mcnutt was in a relationship with his girlfriend.

He had been drinking and had lately broken up with his girlfriend on the night of his death.

While discussing suicide, he was confronting others seeking to console him. The cops eventually arrived outside his flat.

According to certain media reports, he was fired as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Rolling Stone disagrees.

 Ronnie Mcnutt Girlfriend
Ronnie Mcnutt was in a relationship with his girlfriend before committing suicide (Source: Lawire)


His ex-girlfriend called last before committing suicide, and he picked up the phone, leading in a brief dispute between them.

McNutt yelled, Hey guys, I guess that’s it, as soon as he hung up the phone on her. Before fatally shooting himself in the chin, his friend’s friend’s beloved puppy entered the room.

According to sources, the bullet took off half of his face, leaving only his tongue. The stream was recorded by many of the attendees.


Did Ronnie Mcnutt Break Up Led To Suicide: What Happened?

Ronnie streamed a video of himself committing suicide on Facebook. However, it is unknown whether his breakup was the catalyst for his suicide.

McNutt, according to Heavy, began a live feed on the social media network Facebook on August 31, 2020. His closest friend, Joshua Steen, came across the creek.

The fact that McNutt had previously performed live streaming did not strike him as weird at first, but when he discovered Ronnie was intoxicated and wielding a pump action shotgun, he was terrified.

McNutt’s McNutt’s best friend is accused of intervening multiple times, most notably when McNutt inadvertently discharges the shotgun.

Steen allegedly did this in the hopes that Facebook would suspend the video feed and cut off the stream, preventing anyone from viewing inside McNutt’s home while Steen dialed 911.

Following that, users on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram spread the footage of McNutt’s death.

It was frequently a short video clip designed to appear in the feeds of unwitting people.


Before Committing Suicide, Ronnie Shared A Heartbreaking Message

Ronnie McNutt, a U.S. Army veteran, unfortunately shared a dreadful final note on Facebook moments before going online, and his live-streamed suicide stunned social media.

The note was left on August 31, according to Dailymail: “Someone in your life needs to hear that they matter,” McNutt, 33, wrote on August 31. “That they are cherished. They believe they have a future. You must be the one to inform them.”


 Ronnie Mcnutt Girlfriend

U.S. Army veteran Ronnie McNutt tragically shared a terrible final note on Facebook moments before going online (Source: DailyMail) 

Facebook removed the original video the same day it was posted. Nonetheless, it was frequently reprinted here and on other websites by internet trolls who capitalized on its shock value.

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