Let’s find out “Why Was BBG Tyler Arrested?” Rapper BBG Tyler of Louisiana has been charged with JayDaYoungan’s first-degree murder. Has he admitted to the crime?

Rapper BBG Tyler is a young artist from Louisiana. He is well-known for writing songs like In My Section, Can’t Say Goodbye, Faith, and others.

Rap is now almost always associated with violence, and the majority of hip-hop artists were incarcerated during the height of their fame.

The community is in risk of losing its future generation as there would be no one left to carry on their history as more and more artists pass away due to drug and gun-related crimes.


Why Was BBG Tyler Arrested?

According to rumors, BBG Tyler was detained in connection with a hit-and-run incident involving JayDaYongan, a SoundCloud musician.

The internet claims that he was discovered concealing himself at the side of the home with his fingerprints and gloves on while a stolen car was parked just a few feet away. As the police were holding him in custody to question him, the black truck had bullet holes.

There have been no breakthroughs in the case, and most people continue to speculate about whether he was somehow involved in the crime or simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rap fans, meanwhile, were aware that his moment had come since he frequently had run-ins with the law, growing braver each time.

Given his past behavior and disdain for authority figures, nobody is even slightly surprised by the outcome.

What Charges Do BBG Tyler Face? – Mugshot Revealed

A hit-and-run, first-degree homicide, and property damage are among BBG Tyler’s allegations. He reportedly remains imprisoned without being released on bond as the investigation continues.

As of right now, the evidence is heavily in his favor because the prosecution is confident he will spend a few years behind bars.

Although the victim’s identity is still unknown, many believe that he is the American rapper and musician JayDaYougan.

The rapper from Bogalusa, Louisiana, who is the mastermind behind songs like Interstate, 23 Island, Misunderstood, and many others, did in fact have a taste of stardom after receiving millions of streams on SoundCloud.

For his debut album, Misunderstood, he was inducted into the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart in 2020 at position 36.


Why Was BBG Tyler Arrested?
BBG Tyler got arrested and is behind bars ( Source : Audiomack )


In addition, he was involved in several fights with the inspectors before being charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after police discovered 20 grams of marijuana in his vehicle while his passenger was carrying a gun.

Fortunately, he was allowed to go after paying a $2,500 fine, but he failed to learn his lesson.

He repeatedly harassed expectant women and was eventually charged with second-degree murder and child abandonment.

How Old Is BBG Tyler Age? Who Is He? – Wikipedia

BBG Tyler is a new and developing musician with thousands of SoundCloud subscribers. Although we don’t know his exact age, we presume he is in his 20s.

Through Tavis TV, which has nine thousand followers, he posted his music to YouTube.

He averages twice as many views, proving that his music transcends the influence of the platform.

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His Instagram account is bbgtyler, where you can find out more about him. He has 66 followers on 4kt, despite being a newcomer to the scene.

Even though he only had two posts, he made care to include his sister Anna Marie and his baby mother Jordan.

Last but not least, he has two children, Dess and Destiny, whose names are yet unknown.

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