Why Was Bitzlato Crypto Founder Anatoly Legkodymov Arrested?

Learn more about ‘Why Was Bitzlato Crypto Founder Anatoly Legkodymov Arrested?’ Anatoly Legkodymov, a Chinese citizen, was detained in Miami on Tuesday night and was due to appear in court on a charge of running an illegal money transfer business.

The creator of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato is Legkodymov.

Bitzlato is a Hong Kong-incorporated company that served as a “key financial resource” for the largest and longest-running dark web market of its kind, Hydra.

The Russian source, on the other hand, asserts that Legkodymov owns 73.4% of Bitzlato.


Why Was Bitzlato Crypto Founder Anatoly Legkodymov Arrested?
Why Was Bitzlato Crypto Founder Anatoly Legkodymov Arrested?


In Moscow’s Federation Tower tower, Bitzlato maintains a high-floor office that handles transactions of $100,000 or more.

Legkodymov and his main Bitzlato partner are reportedly connected to the Russian distributor of cryptocurrency mining equipment A-HVT.

Legkodymov has had a tough, protracted career in the cryptocurrency industry for more than ten years.

In 2011, he posted for the first time on the BitcoinTalk site, outlining the events that led to the loss of more than 50 BTC.


Why Was Bitzlato Crypto Founder Anatoly Legkodymov Arrested?

The creator and senior Executive of Bitzlato Crypto, Anatoly Legkodymov, was detained on Tuesday in Miami.

He was accused of deliberately ordering the company to deliver money gained through cybercrimes and other illicit activity.

Legkodymov only demanded a limited amount of user identification and did not put in place the appropriate anti-money laundering safeguards.


Anatoly Legkodymov Bitzlato
Anatoly Legkodymov, Bitzlato Crypto founder and senior Executive, was arrested on Tuesday in Miami (Source: Periodicocubano)

He even permits them to give information about “straw man registrants,” people who register as users under false pretenses.

In Brooklyn, where the complaint was obtained, U.S. attorney Breon Peace asserted that Bitzlato had turned into a sanctuary for criminals like drug dealers and ransomware groups.

They were aware that even if the authorities followed their transfers to Bitzlato, Bitzlato would not be able to divulge the genuine identity of its users.

Bitzlato, a Hong Kong-based company, was a “key financial resource” for the Hydra dark web market, the largest and most well-known of its sort, according to Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.


Anatoly Legkodymov Charged With $700m Financial Crimes

It was alleged that Anatoly Legkodymov controlled the illegal money-transfer company Bitzlato Ltd.

A Russian man named Anatoly was charged with money laundering while the United States hunts criminal suspects online. Anatoly allegedly used a cryptocurrency exchange to conceal over $700 million in illegal gambling and drug sales profits.

Investigators assert that Legkodymov and other Company representatives talked about how drug traffickers and other criminals were using their platform to conceal their gains, even calling some of the money sent through their portals “dirty money,” and that they even referred to some of the funds as such.

Legkodymov, a founder, might receive a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison as a result of this.

On Wednesday, a 40-year-old founder was being detained, and it wasn’t known if he had an agent who could speak for him.


Anatoly Legkodymov Bitzlato
Anatoly Legkodymov was charged with operating Bitzlato Ltd., an unauthorized money-transfer business (Source: CBCNews)


According to the prosecution, the Company allowed users to submit fake registrant information in order to avoid being discovered.

According to the investigators, Legkodymov and his company were targeted by drug dealers and cyber criminals because of their anonymity.

The accusations and arrest were made public by Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite, who oversees the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.

According to Polite, the federal government’s efforts to halt unlawful activities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem represented a big step forward thanks to the international probe.

The Treasury Department also worked with French law enforcement to identify Bitzlato’s alleged illegal activities, which U.S. authorities claimed was proof of global cooperation to oust dishonest actors from the cryptocurrency exchanges.

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