Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested: Where Is He Now? What Happened To Him- Arrest And Charge Explored

Let’s find out ‘Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested: Where Is He Now?’ South African Amapiano singer Shebeshxt is a rising talent. Amapiano is a kind of house music that has its roots in South Africa. 2019 saw a rise in the popularity of the genre across the African continent because to the expansion of digital streaming.

Beatport introduced the genre in 2022 and created playlists and rankings just for it. Young people are drawn to amapiano music on numerous platforms, particularly TikTok.


Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested: Where Is He Now? What Happened To Him- Arrest And Charge Explored
Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested: Where Is He Now? What Happened To Him- Arrest And Charge Explored


One of the most well-known Amapiano singers is Shebeshxt. The South African artist mostly used online and social media channels to market his songs. He has a huge fan base all across the world as a consequence.

There has been unexpected news regarding the singer amid his rising popularity. According to the sources, Shebeshxt was detained, and the news trended on social media. Why was he detained? What did he do? In this little essay, let’s find out everything.


Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested: Where Is He Now? What Happened To Him- Arrest, And Charge Explored

Shebeshxt got arrested, a video clip, lately became viral. The video was shot by an unidentified person. Two policemen can be seen handcuffing a man in the video who is just wearing white shoes and an olive-green pair of slacks.


Shebeshxt arrest
A snap from Shebeshxt got arrested viral video clip. (Source: YouTube)

One of the policemen says something as he sees the cameraman from his speeding car. According to the person who uploaded the footage, Shebeshxt was the man who was being apprehended in the scene.

But there haven’t been any formal reports as of yet. Also, no official remark has been made by the South African Police. Furthermore, because the video was rather fuzzy and the face was not clearly visible, we cannot establish that the man being detained was the South African musician.

In any case, the musician’s supporters throughout the world are worried about him.

Additionally, several social media users said that the musician was detained for having illegal narcotics and weaponry (Todii). Others claim that the musician was declared not guilty at the same time. Unfortunately, the allegation is unsupported by any more data.

We can only hope that the government or official media would clarify the situation and give more information regarding Shebeshxt’s arrest.


Who Is Shebeshxt? Age And Real Name Explored

Shebeshxt is a singer that is currently 27 years old as of 2022. Lehlogonolo Chauke is his true name. The musician is active on several sites, including Facebook and YouTube.


Shebeshxt appears to be in his 20s. (Image Source: Facebook)

The South African musician appears to be really dedicated about his musical profession. Shebeshxt, a rising Amapiano singer from South Africa, was previously noted. His profession is still in its early stages, thus nothing is known about his personal life.

Similar to that, little is known about the artist’s family or educational history.

The Spotify account of Shebeshxt receives more than 6,000 monthly listeners. With over 38K listens, Manaba is the artist’s most-heard song on the site.

Some of Shebeshxt’s best-known songs are Shebe Monateng, Changura, Bjala, Ke Di Shxt Malume, Weekend, Ake Boye, and Cinderella.

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