Willow Tate Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Really Expecting A Child? Relationship History With Michael Explored

Let’s find out ‘Willow Tate Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Really Expecting A Child?’ The role of Willow Tait on ABC’s General Hospital has made American actress Katelyn MacMullen a household name. In 2020 and 2021, MacMullen got two Daytime Emmy nominations for her portrayal of Willow Tait in the category of “Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama Series.”

Prior to performing this role, MacMullen had cameos in the Yahoo! series Sin City Saints and Lionsgate’s The Row. She portrayed Julie in the indie film Motion Detected, which was the last time we saw her.


Willow Tate Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Really Expecting A Child? Relationship History With Michael Explored
Willow Tate Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Really Expecting A Child? Relationship History With Michael Explored


Katelyn was raised in Santa Clarita, California, and got her start in acting by performing for Disney and Mattel at a young age.

After moving with her family to Reno, Nevada when she was 12 years old, she pursued sports and school. She later came back to California in 2015 to continue her acting career.

Katelyn has consistently followed her passion since relocating to California by enrolling in programs at organizations like Playhouse West and UCB and giving performances there.


Willow Tate Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Really Expecting A Child?

In reality, Willow Tait is not pregnant. She was expecting on her program “General Hospital,” which was going to be parodied by the memers because she hadn’t just completed her third trimester.

In reality, the first trimester of pregnancy lasts 13 weeks, and a woman is aware that she is pregnant for about eight to nine weeks of that time.

This implies that by the time Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) made the decision to postpone starting her leukemia treatment until she was past her first trimester in late August, she should have already passed that trimester and would no longer be at risk for developing complications from chemotherapy.

Willow Tait
Willow Tait At A Scene From General Hospital (Source: Celebrating The Soaps)

Even though we were aware of this in August, we decided to disregard it since we reasoned that it was simply a soap opera and such events frequently occur.

We have had enough now that it is October and Willow continues to claim that she has some time left before attempting to rescue herself.

The sole goal of the soap opera’s never-ending first trimester is to make Willow sicker and sicker until she needs bone marrow from Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), her birth mother, presumably in time for November sweeps.

Don’t worry about the fact that GH might have utilized the relevant 2022 scenario in which the mother’s life was in risk to illustrate the benefits of pro-choice measures. They instead choose to ignore it.

This serial forgets stories for weeks and occasionally months to highlight practically every member of its super-bloated ensemble on a rotating basis, as seen by Willow’s drawn-out and puzzling first trimester.

The goal of GH is to make us believe nothing has happened when the story kicks up again. However, when talking about pregnancy and a delay in cancer treatment brought on by a transient condition like the first trimester, time must pass.


Willow Tait Relationship History With Michael Explored

Lovebirds in soap Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait have been one of the fan favorites on “General Hospital,” and their union has been one to support.

Chad Duell and Katelyn MacMullen do an excellent job of portraying Michael and Willow, who have come a long way since they first met.

They get along just as well as other “General Hospital” favorites Brook Lynn Quartermaine, played by Amanda Setton and Detective Harrison Chase, played by Josh Swickard.

According to SheKnows Soaps, actor Duell, who received a Daytime Emmy Award, celebrated his 12-year milestone on the well-known soap opera in April 2022 and is now a seasoned pro.

Since her debut in 2018, Soap Central claims that MacMullen has matched his enthusiasm. Additionally, she was a nominee for a Daytime Emmy.

Michael and Willow, however, have also been put to the test over time. There has been a lot of disagreement and interference from outside sources ever since they first started dating.


Willow Tate
Willow Tate With Michael (Source: Soaps)

The start of Michael and Willow’s relationship is wholly unusual. In 2018, they were first friends before falling in love.

Michael and Willow met at Kelly’s Diner after their grief support group to talk about their shared loss.

At the time, it was believed that Michael’s son Jonah had died at delivery since Willow had given up her baby Wiley for adoption. As a result of this loss, they became very close.

They were platonically related, but they kept bumping into each other because of the universe. Emotions were sparked when Michael ran into Willow at Port Charles Elementary, where she worked as a teacher.

According to Soaps in Depth, Josh Swickard’s Detective Harrison Chase arrived on the scene and put a stop to their romance before it could progress any further.

Several than simply Michael, other people were involved with Willow. Their relationship was affected by Chase’s presence, which also changed the course of their plot.

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