WKBO Ariella Scalese Wiki And Bio, Age And Net Worth Explored


Let find out ”WKBO Ariella Scalese Wiki And Bio, Age And Net Worth Explored” Meteorologist Ariella Scalese is presently employed with WBKO. She discovered her interest for meteorology when she was only in the fifth grade, and today she is a dependable and enthusiastic morning weather forecaster.

During her morning broadcasts, Ariella gathers and accurately interprets weather data for the general public.

She runs and makes use of a number of computer graphics systems to convey weather information. The former employer of Spectrum produced weather products for affiliated newspapers and radio stations. She additionally made a public appearance on behalf of the station as a brand ambassador.

When Ariella is not at the news desk or volunteering in her community, she hikes one of the many beautiful trails in North Carolina. She enjoys spending rainy days at home with her fiancĂ© and dog while watching Grey’s Anatomy or reading a Nicholas Sparks book.


Wiki Bio Of Ariella Scalese: She Is A WBKO Meteorologist

Ariella Scalese is the meteorologist of WBKO, according to the information on her that is currently available on Wikipedia. In February 2022, she joined the network’s weather department.

Ariella is a native of Philadelphia’s suburbs. She previously worked at KGNS in Laredo, Texas, and PHL17 in Philadelphia before joining WBKO. Scalese has extensive expertise in her area of study. Since the beginning of her professional life, she has worked as a meteorologist.

Lehigh University awarded Ariella a degree in earth and environmental science. She carried on her studies in meteorology at Mississippi State University.

Ariella considers a day that is warm and sunny to be nice and ideal weather. Her favorite season is summer since she loves the beach and loves the fall’s aromas and decorations.


How Old Is Ariella Scalese? Age Of The Morning Meteorologist

According to Ariella Scalese’s LinkedIn profile and her employment history, she is between 30 and 35 years old.

In the fifth grade, Ariella made the decision that she wanted to work in broadcast meteorology. On career day, a local meteorologist stopped by her school and spoke with the students about what it takes to succeed in his line of work.

Ariella thought it would be a good fit because she already liked math and science and was upbeat. The career day was a turning point for Ariella; she began to picture herself as a meteorologist in the future.

Loudness and passion were never a problem for her because she was a gymnast and a cheerleader in high school and college.


What Is Ariella Scalese Net Worth?

Ariella Scalese is only worth a little over $100,000. She began working full-time in 2013 after completing an internship at NBC News.

Scalese enjoys a comfortable and opulent lifestyle and frequently travels. Ariella is the kind of woman who strives assiduously for an opulent lifestyle.

The typical annual wage for a meteorologist in the US is between $80,00 and $100,000, according to Glassdoor.com. Scalese makes more money than the typical American worker thanks to her profession.

Weathergirl Ariella Scalese Husband -Is She Married?

Ariella Scalese, the weathergirl, is a contented wife. She posted images of Kyle Patrick, her spouse.

Ariella’s Instagram is flooded with images of her husband and their wedding. And lately, Ariella and her husband made the announcement of their impending pregnancy over the network.

In 2021, the couple exchanged vows. They got married in a lovely location with a magnificent and pricey ceremony. Scalese just shared a video of her wedding on social media.

Following the birth announcement, Ariella and Kyle are overjoyed and ecstatic for their new kid. Kyle, who is also her spouse, has a profile photo of himself and his wife on Instagram.

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