Youtuber Lilly Singh Sister: Who Is Tina Singh? Parents And Net Worth Details

Let’s find out ‘Youtuber Lilly Singh Sister: Who Is Tina Singh?’ A lot of Lilly Singh’s followers are quite curious about her family and siblings. So who is Tina Singh, the sister of Lilly Singh?

Famous YouTuber Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman, has gained a sizable following because to the distinctive comic material that she posts on her channel.

Tina Singh began her own YouTube channel after her sister’s popularity.

The adorable sister team may also have little issue starting their YouTube career because they already have a sizable fan following.


Youtuber Lilly Singh Sister: Who Is Tina Singh?

Tina Singh, a YouTuber, was born on August 10th, 1982. Until she was married, Tina lived in Toronto, Canada, with her family.

Singh’s family was severe about her schoolwork, much like Lilly says in her amusing videos, and this is common of Indian families. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in law enforcement since she was a tall, fit woman.


Tina Singh
Tina Singh poses a selfie for her video’s thumbnail. Source: Amazon.

Similar to Lilly Singh, Tina Singh graduated from high school in 2000 with a degree in psychology. She had been an occupational therapist in the past. In 2009, she also started her own practice.

When Singh launched her channel on January 2, 2016, it marked the beginning of her YouTube career.

Her own moniker, The Tina Singh, which she previously altered from Mom Boss of 3, is the name of her YouTube channel.

As of this writing, she has more than 81.4 thousand subscribers. Additionally, her channel has amassed more than 10.5 million total views.

Similar to this, Tina refers to her army of fans as “Marmy,” which is slang for moms. She also says that she values each and every one of her admirers.

The YouTuber primarily uploads videos on Fridays and vlogs on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Tina is currently a mother to three little boys.

She uploaded The One Where We Meet, her first video, on her channel. In the video, Tina provided a brief introduction and some background information on her family.


Details About Lilly Singh Parents & Family

Tina and Lilly Singh are descended from Sikhs. Malwinder Singh and Sukhwinder Singh gave birth to her. Additionally, Lilly often includes her parents in her movies and vlogs.


Lilly Singh family
Singh family together in one of Lilly’s videos. Source: Pinterest.

Lilly, who is a superwoman, is six years younger than Tina, who is a supermom.

To both her and her sister, Lilly described her parents as liberal. Her family never attempts to impose any limits, and her relationship with her parents is one of love and support.

Similarly, Harpreet, Lilly’s brother-in-law, works as an engineer. Tina and her husband get along great, and the three of them appear to be content together.

The sisters frequently provided viewers with a glimpse into their daily life in their videos (mostly vlogs).


What Is Lilly Singh Net Worth 2022?

As of November 2022, popular YouTuber Lilly Singh has a net worth of $20 million. Likewise, Celebrity Net Worth estimates her income to be $8 million.


Lilly Singh net worth
Lilly Singh attending an event in a beautiful white dress. Source: Self.

As of the time of writing, Superwoman has at least 15 million subscribers and 3.36 billion views overall.

Additionally, she is the anchor of the NBC chat show A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

Additionally, Lilly is this talk show’s executive producer.

Her writing career and appearances in a few documentaries have also helped to raise her net worth.

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