Yumi King Age- Did Yumi King And Splenda Get A Divorce? Let's Find Out

Let find out ”Yumi King Age- Did Yumi King And Splenda Get A Divorce?” Yumi King, a YouTuber and mother of a one-year-old child, revealed details of her divorce from Splenda in March 2021.

She is a well-known, successful YouTuber and internet celebrity. Her videos are frequently viewed on TikTok and YouTube. Yumi, who is 31 years old, received her engineering degree from the University of China after being born in China. Later, she relocated to Seattle, WA.

She started using YouTube in 2013, and since then, her videos have received 143 million views and 86k followers. She regularly posts DIY projects, clothes makeovers, and fashion-related videos on her channel. She is most recognized for putting a focus on lolita and traditional Chinese Hanfu clothing.

In contrast, she uses Instagram to document her life as a single mother and her separation from her ex-husband.

The YouTube success of Yumi, a Chinese-American vlogger, brought attention to her Lolita DIY tutorials. She previously uploaded sewing tutorial videos, primarily hauls.

Yumi King is a YouTuber and internet personality ( Source : Instagram )
Age 31 years
DOB April 26, 1991
Nationality Chinese-American
Parents NA
Marital Staus Dicorced
Husband Splenda (m. 2017- d. 2021)
Children Son (2020)
Siblings No
Net Worth NA


Yumi King And Splenda Got Divorced, In March 2021

Yumi King said in 2021 that she had hardship following her divorce from Splenda.

After a year of waiting, she released a video on October 13 titled Going Through Divorce to inform her admirers of the truth. Since March 2021, they have been living apart, and she is now providing for her son’s one-year-old needs.


Yumi King is single and a single mom now. Yumi King is single and a single mom now. ( Source : youtube )


Despite this, Yumi continues to make money on YouTube after giving birth to her child because both the mother and the infant require rest and care. She considered looking for a work, but the money she and her kid make via YouTube is insufficient.

She manages her modest company. To purchase clothes from her closet, go to her Patreon page.


Yumi King’s Journey Through Divorce And Married Life

The wedding of Yumi King and Splenda, her ex-husband, took place in 2017. Since she moved home with her mother in Seattle in 2019, there has been a problem in their marriage.


Yumi King with her Son
Yumi King with her Son ( Source : instagram )


People noticed that she was missing her engagement ring, and her depressing and lonely videos gave them even more cues. The source claims that Yumi was married on her yard, and the videos were uploaded some months later.

It is difficult for a single mother to raise a single child by herself. She put a lot of effort into giving her newborn child a better life and education. In her videos, she made reference to working from home up until her baby turned one.


Yumi King Welcomed Her First Child In 2020

Yumi King is an only child. In 2020, she gave birth to a son with Splenda, her ex-husband.

The couple parted ways in March 2021.

Yumi King’s Real Name And Age

Yumi King turned 31 on April 26; her birthday is now behind her. Yumi was born in China and is a citizen of that country.


Yumi King showing her clothes closet holding her son
Yumi King showing her clothes closet holding her son ( Source : instagram )


Yumi’s initial name is Yumi, and her presumed family name is King, according to her birth name. She used her own name when creating her social media username.


Content Creator Yumi King Wiki Bio

Yumi is well-known on the internet and has 863k subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, she has a sizable following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Yumi King shared now and then picture from Facebook
Yumi King shared now and then picture from Facebook ( Source : instagram )


Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 62 kilograms

Her silky hair is brown, and she has dark brown eyes. In a nutshell, Yumi’s cosplay makeup makes her appear like a doll.


Meet Yumi King On Instagram

Yumi King is a 22-month-old son’s single, divorced mother. On this social media platform, she now has over 51.2k followers.


Yumi King became homeless
Yumi King became homeless ( Source : instagram )


Yumi recently posted a photo of herself with a dejected expression and stated that she is now homeless. She even posted a video on YouTube and actively searched for a home. While many viewers expressed sympathy, several also left critical remarks.

She also addressed the allegations of infidelity and generalizations made about her. The cheating rumor video, right?

Yumi King Family Biography

The only child of Yumi King’s parents. She has, regrettably, kept her parents’ identity a secret.

Online directories state that in 2019, Yumi relocated to Seattle to live with her mother. She is the only daughter and the only child.


Where Is Yumi King Currently?

Yumi King is said to be a Chinese national who resides in Washington with her lone child.

It’s possible that many of you don’t know Yumi’s family. She does, however, speak candidly about her marital issues. She has recently experienced a lot in her life.

She went through a divorce after finding out she was expecting a child, and as a result, she is currently jobless and homeless. Although she earns a respectable living from YouTube and the sale of her DIY clothing, it is insufficient for a single mother to support a child.

Chineseness is Yumi King’s nationality.

Her religion is also unknown at this point. Is she a follower of Christianity or Buddhism? These days, religious beliefs vary widely.

How Much Does YouTuber Yumi King Earn?

A future social media star is YouTuber Yumi King. According to various online portals, her net worth is close to $1 million.

The way that YouTube makes money is very different. The payments are based on how many subscribers and views they receive each month.

Forbes claims that YouTube will pay $5 for videos that have received over 1000 views. In that scenario, the content creator may earn $5000 if the video exceeded $1 million, which is a rather lucrative employment.


Yumi King became emotional after going through divorce
Yumi King became emotional after going through divorce ( Source : instagram )


She never makes a show of her wealth or earnings in public. Yumi recently posted a video explaining how she ended up homeless.

Yumi might not have yet bought her own house. She’s looking for places to rent.



Has Yumi King runs a business?

Yumi King sells clothes from her closet on platforms like Poshmark and Patreon. Her IG bio disclosed that she will reopen her shop in 2023. that she will re

What is Yumi King’s net worth in 2022?

Yumi King’s net worth is approximately $5 million. She makes a good fortune from her YouTube channel and earns extra income by selling cheap yet fancy and classy clothes.
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