Yvonna Pearson: Who Is She? 5 Facts You Should Know About Her

Let’s find out ‘Yvonna Pearson: Who Is She?’ American actress Yvonna Pearson has made headlines for her role in the television series Dynasty.

In Season 5 of Dynasty, an American drama television series based on the popular prime time soap opera of the same name from the 1980s, the actress played the part of Sasha Harris. Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, and Stephanie Savage are the creators of it.

2014 saw Pearson land her first televised appearance. Carolina Tamez-Rodriguez, who also wrote and directed the short film Touching Leaves, cast her in the role. Alongside Adam August, Steve Fogelman, and Lewis Gardner, she featured as a Guide.

She was chosen to feature in the short film “Besame la Peil” two years after her debut. The short film, which Raisa Bonnet co-wrote and directed, featured Rique Colon, Cros Gris, Alex Purcell, Amy DeBellis, Ashley Renae Brown, and Amy DeBellis.

As a result of Pearson’s recent participation in the popular television program Dynasty, people are even more interested in learning more about the budding star. So go on to find out more details about the ambitious actress.


Yvonna Pearson: Who Is She? 5 Facts You Should Know About Her
Yvonna Pearson: Who Is She? 5 Facts You Should Know About Her


Quick Facts:

Full Name Yvonna Pearson
Age 20s
Nationality American
Residence Queens, New York
Height 5’8″ / 172cm
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Ethnicities African Descent
Relationship Status Committed
Instagram @yvonpearson


Yvonna Pearson: Who Is She? Age Explored

Yvonna Pearson, an American actress, is most likely in her 20s based on appearance and appearance. While attending primary school in Washington, D.C., she started her acting career.

Acting was love at first monologue for Pearson. She fell in love with acting and continued to pursue it throughout her time in high school and college. Throughout her acting career, she has also contributed to plays in the theater.

Yvonna graduated with honors from New York University with a B.S. in environmental science and biology. The actress worked a conventional 9-to-5 job after graduating.


Dynasty actress Yvonna Pearson is pictured with renowned actor Morris Chestnut.
Dynasty actress Yvonna Pearson is pictured with renowned actor Morris Chestnut. ( Source : instagram )


When another business started to turn, the job came to an end, and Yvonna made the decision to devote her entire attention to acting, something she loves and cannot live without. She has appeared in a number of ads, including Industry City Promo and Mastercard Industrial.

Yvonna entered the Upright Citizens Brigade for longform improv, the IN Studios for improv conservatory, the Stelle Adler Studio, Grace Kiley, New York, for scene study, and the HB Studio for monologue method. The actress has put in a lot of effort over the years to develop her abilities.

Yvonna Pearson Shows Off Her Beautiful Height

Yvonna Pearson, a star of the television series Dynasty, is 172 cm tall and weighs about 64 kg (140 lbs).

The actress has a curvaceous body and is of African origin. Her look is further enhanced by the dark color of her hair and eyes. She is endowed with a lovely appearance and a brilliant smile that are sure to make anyone happy.

Yvonna is used to being in front of cameras and seeing action. She has participated in a number of endeavors and made appearances in various television programs. The fifth season of the television show Dynasty featured her most recent broadcast appearance.


Beautiful Yvonna posted her selfie on Instagram.
Beautiful Yvonna posted her selfie on Instagram. ( Source : instagram )


Sasha Harris was portrayed in the show by Yvonna, Fallon Carrington by Elizabeth Gillies, Sam Jones by Rafael de la Fuente, Jeff Colby by Sam Adegoke, Michael by Robert Christopher Riley, Graham by Dan Amboyer, and Dex Dexter by Pej Vahdat.

A fifth season of Dynasty was ordered on February 3, 2021. Later, in May 2022, it was revealed that this would be the season’s last. On December 20, 2021, the fifth and last season made its premiere. On September 16, 2022, the final episode aired.

Meet The Parents Of  Yvonna Pearson

Parents of Yvonna Pearson must be quite pleased of their daughter’s accomplishment. The actress is quite close to her parents and frequently makes allusions to them on various occasions.

She attended an elementary school in Washington, D.C., when she was younger. According to her Instagram family photo, Pearson looks to have an elder sister and a younger brother. On the platform, she periodically posts lovely photos of her family.


Yvonna shared a family picture on her Instagram. She clicks with her father and siblings.
Yvonna shared a family picture on her Instagram. She clicks with her father and siblings. ( Source : instagram )


In honor of Father’s Day on June 21, 2021, Yvonna posted a heartfelt photo of herself with her family. The actress doesn’t hold back when expressing her affection for her family on social media.

Christina Washington, her older sister, is a happily married mother of two. She works as a realtor and can be found on Instagram under the handle @chrissywashy. She frequently posts heartfelt photos of her children and hubby on Instagram.


Yvonna Pearson Boyfriend- Relationship History

Yvonna Pearson is in a relationship with Erik Potempa, who she has been dating for a while. On January 30, 2021, the pair commemorated their second wedding anniversary.

Pearson celebrated her and her partner’s two years of marriage by posting a romantic photo of the two of them on Instagram. “Two years with this lovely person, and I have laughed more and loved more,” the actress wrote with joy.

Yvonna has recently been displaying her magnificent engagement ring in her Instagram postings. In May, the couple announced their engagement, and they will soon be going down the aisle. The happy bride-to-be captioned the image, “Can’t believe I discovered you, and now I get to marry you.”


Actress Yvonna Pearson flaunts her engagement ring on Instagram.
Actress Yvonna Pearson flaunts her engagement ring on Instagram. ( Source : instagram )


Erik uses the Instagram handle @inspiredexercisenyc to post often. With 707 posts, he is rather active on the network, and he has roughly 1,000 followers. Additionally, he frequently posts heartfelt images of himself and his girlfriend, Yvonna.

He assists busy professionals in lowering their stress levels and finding mental calm via exercise. Trainer Erik is the owner of Inspired Exercise NYC. He has collaborated with numerous well-known people, including Archie Panjabi, an Emmy Award-winning actor.

 Yvonna Pearson Is On Instagram

Instagram account @yvonpearson makes it simple to find Yvonna Pearson. The attractive actress has over 1,000 followers on the network after 33 postings.

Her personal and professional lives are shown on her Instagram account. She frequently advertises her work on the photo-sharing app and shares lovely photos of herself with her close friends, relatives, and loved ones.

In the well-known television program Disney Television Discoveries: Talent Showcase, Yvonna played the role of Franny. In the television series Pause with Sam Jay in 2021, she had previously portrayed the part of Janay.


Yvonna is honored to work with Robert Christopher Riley in Dynasty.
Yvonna is honored to work with Robert Christopher Riley in Dynasty. ( Source : instagram )


In the same year, Yvonna was cast in the TV series Flatbush Misdemeanors as Janelle. Dan Perlman played Dan Joseph in the Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman-created television series, which also starred Kevin as Kevin, Kristin Dodson as Zayna, and Hassan Johnson as Drew.

She has nine acting credits in her filmography, according to her IMDb page. She made an appearance in the 2019 short film The Rocket Ship, and in 2020, Bull will include her as a character.


Some FAQs

How tall is Yvonna Pearson?

Pearson has an attractive height of 5’8″ / 172cm.

What role did Yvonna Pearson play in TV series Dynasty?

The actress played the role of Sasha Harris in Dynasty.

Is Yvonna Pearson married?

No, Yvonna is not married. However, the actress is engaged with her long-term partner, Erik Potempa.
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