Zach Kornfeld's Partner Maggie Bustamante's Age And Estimated Net Worth
Zach Kornfeld’s Girlfriend Maggie Bustamante is a 29 year old pedriatic nurse in LA. ( Source : instagram )

Zach Kornfeld, a member of Try Guy and the creator of YouTube videos, is engaged to Maggie Bustamante, an American nurse, and they will shortly wed.

After finally releasing the trailer for their much anticipated No Recipe Roadtrip with the Try Guys on Food Network, The Try Guy has the internet buzzing. The show is an offshoot of their Without A Recipe YouTube series, in which the four men compete with one another to create a new cuisine without much direction.

The guys have attempted everything from brownies to gingerbread houses, and their journey features many significant moments, making the serial a fan favorite.

When the show was first announced a few years ago, it was clear how excited the viewers were, but the pandemic forced them to put it on hold. They ultimately announced a release date and provided a brief plot summary after loosening constraints.

Sources claim that their four closest friends will travel together from Nashville to Los Angeles, Charleston, Atlanta, and Santa Barbara, stopping at renowned restaurants along the way to recreate their signature dishes without using a recipe.

Even for the most daring, there is a danger involved, therefore the Warner Bros. Discovery representatives are eager to discover the reaction.

Quick Info:

Full Name Maggie Bustamante
Birthday November 5, 1992
Age 29
Occupation Registered nurse
Partner Zach Kornfeld
Pet Bowie



Maggie Bustamante Age: How Old Is She? Family Details

Margaret Bustamante, a medical professional, was born on November 5, 1992, and is currently 29 years old. She did not stay in the country for long as she and her family immigrated to the USA.

In Irvine, Southern California, they settled down after finding a house there. She grew raised with two sisters who she holds dearest to her heart, and because her father is of Peruvian origin, she has lovely tanned skin.


 Zach Kornfeld and Maggie Bustamante will get married in the latter half of the year.
Zach Kornfeld and Maggie Bustamante will get married in the latter half of the year. ( Source : marriedbiography )


She discussed her childhood in the You Can Sit With Us Podcast, revealing that she attended Mount Saint Mary University, a Catholic institution with severe dress standards and formal uniforms.

She enrolled in a bachelor’s program in nursing science after immediately realizing her purpose, and she now uses her degree in Los Angeles.

Zach Kornfeld, her partner, had a very different background in a New York suburb since he grew up around movies and struggling with his health. He and his sister were the best of buds, as she still appears in many of his family-oriented videos. But he had to deal with perceptions of his depression, which was brought on by his ongoing pain, so his childhood wasn’t all sunshine and flowers.

He recalls an occasion when a teenage Steven Spielberg complemented him after spotting him at a concession stand. That prepared him for the rest of his life, and he has since done many odd things, including modeling for Burberry Kids and winning the junior chess supporter championship.

His passion has always been for movies, and he continues to develop strange scripts for the Try Guys channel, which Rachel, the producer, frequently rejects.


Zach Kornfeld And Maggie Bustamante’s Relationship Timeline: How Did They Meet?

Zach Kornfeld and Maggie Bustamante first met in 2015, and they are now engaged to be married. Despite the absence of children, they have a puppy named Bowie that requires just as much work to raise.

Zach has been regarded as the single guy since his time at BuzzFeed because all of his friends are happily married or in serious relationships. They continued to sell the concept after splitting up to rebrand their group until the video altered it.

When a boy who was supposed to be single admitted to having a girlfriend in 2018, he almost broke the Internet. Because he never had a committed relationship during his 20s, he was never good with women. Due to his hurried lifestyle and declining sense of self, he was unable to progress beyond flings.

At a homosexual bar in Los Angeles, he met Maggie, and that’s when everything changed. One encounter led to other meetups. He fell in love the next thing he knew. He bragged about how brilliant and eccentric she was, exactly like him.

He had doubts about publishing about her since he believed she was too valuable to mess up and lose for good. He didn’t want to subject her to continual attention, and she hadn’t asked for a life in show business.

They moved in together after spending two years getting to know one another, forcing him to inform his followers.

What Is The 2022 Net Worth Of Maggie Bustamante?

Maggie Bustamante’s net worth hasn’t been calculated as of 2022, but we do know that she earns more than enough to maintain her lifestyle.

She works as a pediatric nurse during the day since she loves caring for children. She makes multiple appearances in videos after being introduced to the Try Guys viewers, including some of the Try Wives uploads alongside Ariel and Becky. Her most prominent appearances are in The Try Wives Reveal Try Guys Best-Kept Secrets and Try Wives Tarot reading Our Futures.

She and other Try Wives attempted to capitalize on the growth of the podcast format in 2020 by working with their producer, Rachel, to launch the series You Can Sit With Us. The main podcasts were quickly silenced as they discussed more delicate topics and advice for living day to day through the viewpoint of modern females.

On the other side, one of the four creators of The Try Guys and The Try Pod is her soon-to-be husband. In addition, he founded Candid Competition and the tea company Zadiko Tea Co.

Even while he seems as cheerful and lighthearted, he actually suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune condition that produces pain flare-ups virtually daily. He deals with the anguish and his ups and downs with the never-ending disease in many of his solo-themed videos. Most recently, he tried to put on 20 pounds by adopting a wholly vegan diet and hiring a personal trainer in an effort to loosen up his body.


Are Zach and Maggie still together? 

  • Maggie Bustamante is currently engaged to the Try Guy Zach Kornfeld. She first appeared in “My Secret Girlfriend.” She has also appeared in some of the “Try Wives ” videos with Ariel and Becky.

When did Zach propose to Maggie?

  • On August 30, 2020, Zach announced that he had proposed to Maggie.

How old is Maggie from TRY guys?

  • The full description states that the 29-year-old is a registered nurse, health and wellness advocate, and proud Peruvian.

Who is the youngest try guy?

  • Zachary Andrew “Zach” Kornfeld is the youngest try guy
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