Actor Roby Attal: All You Need To Know
Roby Attal is the cast of Partner Track which is the show set to premiere on August 26, 2022 on Netflix. ( Source : instagram 
Let find out all we need need to know about actor Roby Attal. Roby Attal is struggling actor who wants to break into the business.
The Partner Track Netflix series stars the diligent actor. 
The hardships young lawyer named Ingrid Yun faces while simultaneously enjoying hot love triangle are depicted in this courtroom drama. 
The partner track, novel by Helen Wan published in 2013, is the basis for the TV series. 
Julie Anne Robinson is responsible for directing the first two episodes of the series. Other directors will be involved for the subsequent episodes. 
In roughly ten episodes, he will portray Justin Coleman.

The budding actor is a skilled artist who has demonstrated his abilities in numerous past ventures. He enjoys sketching and the arts, which makes him feel natural and grounded. Let’s learn more about this young prodigy who has attracted a sizable audience with his abilities and attractive appearance.


What Age Is The Partner Track Cast, Roby Attal?

The 24 years old actor Roby Attal was born in 1998.

The actor was brought up in Houston, Texas. He lived in a suburban neighborhood somewhere around West Hudson. Roby grew up in an average household and spent his childhood as any other American, running around the streets and playing with his friends.

Roby Attal’s Height Is?

The height of Roby Attal is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m).

The attractive actor became well-known for his role as Rob/Red 11 in the television series Hostage 911. According to his appearance, Attal appears to be an American with Caucasian ancestry.


Roby Attal in his short movie Bodies of Water. He is popular for his depiction of Edmund in The Haunting of Bly Manor
Roby Attal in his short movie Bodies of Water. He is popular for his depiction of Edmund in The Haunting of Bly Manor ( Source : m )


Both acting and the arts are very important to the actor. His enjoyment of the arts is visual. He made the decision to reapply for theater after being first turned down for art school. He prepared two monologues before his audition, which guaranteed him a spot in acting school. He had outstanding instruction over the course of the following three years, which helped him understand that acting might be his destiny. He made the decision to pursue his enthusiasm for earning a living by acting out scenarios.

Acting And visual Arts Interests Of Roby Attal. What Does He Love Doing?

Roby Attal is passionate in the visual arts in addition to giving the character he plays personality.

The artist has a strong imagination and enjoys creating imaginary worlds. This emerging star has a natural talent for acting. He enjoys acting because he likes to pretend and act out situations. He has a lot of ideas, and he enjoys telling stories and taking part in them.

He asserts that he is the only one who decided to pursue the arts and that his initial career goal was to be a visual artist. However, things changed and he started to find acting fascinating.

He hasn’t broken off contact with his first love, though. He finds the time to create short animations and sketches. He regularly uploads on his @robedraws Instagram account, which is devoted drawing his hobby. He enjoys sketching on the spot and uploading the results on his social media. He set up the account as a kind of stream-of-consciousness window into his creative thinking. Additionally, he has ambitions to turn his artwork into merchandise like t-shirts, bags, or stickers. He stated in his post that he would update his plans.

He claimed that he finds the arts to be calming and grounding. His artwork captures the little things that make life so much more worthwhile. He describes it as his style and writes with black ink on paper. He was reluctant to share his visual arts with others because he held them in high regard and realized that by doing so, he was holding himself back. He now advises other artists to avoid acting in a similar way.

The Professional Life Of Roby Attal

The Long Road Home marked the acting debut of the charming Roby Attal.

His performance is well-liked by fans and has caught the attention of numerous powerful Hollywood figures. Since being fully immersed in acting, he has landed more than ten projects.

His works can be listed as:

Name of Project Movie/Series Character played Year
Partner Track TV Series Justine Coleman 2022
The Untamed: A Sinner’s Player James
Shadow Kingdom  Concert film Club Member 2021
The Hunting of Bly Manor TV Mini Series Edmund O’Mara 2020
Melissah TV  Series Eric 2020
Stucco Short Film Throne 2019
Hell Fast Movie Gavin 2018
Hostage Movie Rob/Red11 2018
Bodies of Water Short Film Rivers 2018
The Long Road Home TV Mini-Series Capt. David Mathais 2017
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