Trina Niece Sugar: Who Was She? 17-Year-Old Killed in Miami - Was The Suspect Arrested?

Let’s find out “Trina Niece Sugar: Who Was She?” She was a 17-year-old girl who was close with the family of the rapper Trina.

After hearing the heartbreaking news that her niece, Baby Sugar, had been shot and killed on Tuesday, July 19, Trina and her family experienced a terrible situation. TMZ claims that during the Miami shooting, Sugar was in the wrong location at the wrong time.

According to TMZ, Sugar was visiting the Miami region at the time of the incident. To identify the shooter, police are looking into the shooting’s circumstances.


Trina Niece Sugar: Who Was She? 17-Year-Old Killed in Miami – Age

The 17-year-old Baby Sugar was a professional American rapper by the name of Trina, real name Katrina Laverne Taylor.

Sugar had no one before she passed away. The rapper Trina and she were dating, according to social media. Every news story discusses the shooting, her passing, and her friendship with Trina.

The most dependable female rapper, Trina, is devastated to learn of the news of the gunshot death of her beautiful niece. Soon after hearing about Sugar’s passing, she contacted her parents and went to their home.

Toni Chester, as Baby Suga, was the real name of the adolescent. Trina, Suga’s aunt, became well-known in 1998 as a result of Trick Daddy’s debut album. On December 3, 1978, Trina, now 43, was born.

Trina Niece Sugar Photo And Parents

Trina’s death was announced via a photo of her with her niece Sugar that was posted by E Online News.

Social media sites do not currently have any images of Sugar’s parents. She left a local corner store before she passed away, Tony’s family and friends told the reporters.

Her family reportedly told CBS that she was the one who killed in the shooting. The heartbreaking news of her passing has caused her parents to split apart. They sobbed so hard they couldn’t stop.

Trina Niece Sugar: Who Was She?
Trina on the left and her niece Baby Sugar on right ( Source : Eonline )


Trina’s supporters are sending their sympathies and support to the family and parents. They offer up prayers for her parents’ health.

Additionally, the fans helped her family through this terrible situation. Toni Chester was lost, and her family was devastated. Trina frequently shares photos of her niece on social media.

She discussed her 16th birthday celebration in her last piece. After Sugar’s passing, their strong friendship became distant.

Was the Suspect Arrested? Trina Niece Sugar Death Case

The suspect in the slaying of Trina’s niece Sugar has not yet been detained by police.

She was fatally shot by the assailant three times, according to CBS News. A South Florida native who would soon begin her senior year of high school was shot by the assailant.

On July 20, the assailant shot her and two other people outside an apartment building. The other two victims, according to Miami police, were able to drive themselves to the hospital for medical attention.



A help call came in approximately midnight, according to Miami Police Officer Kenia Fallat, and they responded to the shooting scene. After identifying Sugar’s gunshot wound, MFR officers declared her dead.

To determine why the shooting occurred, the relevant authorities are presently looking into it. Additionally, they are looking for a shooter who took off following the shooting.

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