Let’s find out “Who Is TikTok Mayuhnaise (Maya Abdallah)?” Known online as Maya Abdallah or Mayuhnaise, she is an American TikTok star. In this page, you may learn more about the TikToker’s age.

Maya is well known for her mini-vlog-style storytelling videos on her TikTok account. She has been active on Twitter as @mayaxabdallah.

On Twitter, she has 103 followers in addition to 783 followers. There are 312 tweets by her on Twitter. Twitter was joined by the author in September 2017.


Who Is TikTok Mayuhnaise (Maya Abdallah)?

Social media star Mayuhnaise is well-known on TikTok. She is @mayuhnaise on TikTok.

Her 1.7 million TikTok users are fans. She has 97.9 million likes across all of her videos.


Who Is TikTok Mayuhnaise (Maya Abdallah)?
Mayuhnaise aka Maya Abdallah is a TikTok star. ( Source : Hollywoodzam )


Her tutorials are fascinating to watch and simple to follow. The major characters in her videos are her family members, who are all positive and supportive. Her account has currently been suspended.

She attended the Atlanta Pride Festival in 2018 and shared photos on Instagram of the march and other festivities.

When Was Mayuhnaise Born? Age Revealed

Mayuhnaise was born in America on February 20, 2002, and is now 20 years old.

She is an American national and was born under the Pisces horoscope. Her height and weight have not been made public by the content creator online.

She either recently graduated from high school or is now enrolled in her final year, depending on her age. On the internet, there is no information on the schools the famous person attended.

Ramsey Abdallah is the name of the famous person’s brother. There are currently no other family information details available. As a result, neither her parents’ names nor their occupations are known.

What Is Mayuhnaise Instagram Account Name?

There is an Instagram account for Mayuhnaise with the username @maya.abdallah.

On Instagram, she has 102 posts and 99.4K followers. She is a budding digital media content developer.


Mayuhnaise's storytime video series, as well as her comedic content recognized her.
Mayuhnaise’s storytime video series, as well as her comedic content recognized her. ( Source : Instagram )


On Instagram, another social media platform, her popularity is growing. Additionally, she has great pictures of herself on her account.

Her photographs show off her gorgeous features and physical attributes. She sometimes serves as a model for several apparel companies.

What Is Mayuhnaise Doing?

Mayuhnaise produces digital media products in addition to modeling occasionally.

Her primary source of income is likely her work as a model and social media influencer.

She might be able to raise her income by taking part in various forms of brand advertising.

Her net worth is reportedly between $100,000 and $1 million, according to biographymask.com.

Who Is Mayuhnaise Dating?

Mayuhnaise is not dating anyone right now because she is single.

Despite routinely posting pictures with her male acquaintances on Instagram, she doesn’t publicly name her boyfriend.

It is safe to assume that she is not dating anyone right now. She has never been discovered dating.

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