5 Common Grocery Items To Never Buy Frozen, According To Chefs- Learn More

Let’s find out ‘5 Common Grocery Items To Never Buy Frozen According To Chefs’ You’re not the only one who regularly buys frozen food products at the grocery store—whether out of convenience or because you’re fed up with squandering fresh food.

According to a recent estimate, the global frozen food market is quite lucrative and would reach $389.90 billion by 2030 from $252.19 billion in 2021.


5 Common Grocery Items To Never Buy Frozen, According To Chefs- Learn More
5 Common Grocery Items To Never Buy Frozen, According To Chefs- Learn More


However, you might want to hear what seasoned cooks have to say before you venture down those frigid aisles to browse the glass-encased shelves crammed with everything from vegetables to ready-to-eat meals to ice cream and pies. We asked several of them which food goods you should not purchase frozen and why. While their responses varied, one specific item was mentioned often as the worst frozen buy.


5 Common Grocery Items To Never Buy Frozen, According To Chefs- Learn More
 Frozen herbs


Herbs are a favorite way for personal chef Dana Bujalski to spice up the dishes she prepares for herself and her customers as well as for small parties and cooking classes. She wouldn’t, however, risk purchasing frozen herbs.

“Herbs always add flavor to food, in my opinion, especially when they are fresh. Personally, I’m not even a big fan of dried herbs “She said. “Herbs that have been frozen appear to have been sliced into little cubes and then frozen. I’ve often wondered who purchases them.”

Want to avoid paying for fresh herbs? Consider cultivating them inside so you may utilize them as necessary. Bujalski recommended



frozen bread in supermarket freezer

Although frozen dough items for home baking may be useful, Bujalski advises against using frozen ready-made bread. It’s the consistency rather than a nutrition.

When the bread is frozen, the consistency changes, according to Bujalski. “If you love bread, there is nothing better than fresh.”

Consider donning your chef’s hat and baking a loaf of bread at home to satisfy your carb need if you don’t want to settle for frozen (or even unfrozen) bread that you get from the grocery store. Smear a dab of butter on a thick piece of bread as soon as it comes out of the oven fresh and toasty, and enjoy that sense of success.


frozen strawberries

May through July are regarded as strawberry season, with May being National Strawberry Month. Therefore, if a recipe asks for strawberries but they aren’t in season, you could think about purchasing frozen strawberries. The Bikini Chef, Susan Irby, advised not doing it.

The strawberries physically crumble when they are frozen because of the strawberries’ porous nature, she explained. “Even in smoothies, I don’t advise using frozen strawberries. a surplus of liquid and mush. For strawberry shortcake recipes, the same is true. Also, awful, that taste!”

Buying fruits in season, including strawberries, is always a smart idea. However, if you decide to buy them anyhow or you already have a bag of frozen strawberries in your freezer, you might want to think about creating a compote out of them.

According to Sarah Gunderson, a chef instructor at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, “compotes can be used to top pancakes or in plated desserts and trifles.” Additionally, frozen fruits can be boiled down and mixed to be used to mousses.


frozen scallops

Irby, who studied under great chefs in France and Italy, said that certain companies that prepare frozen food add water to the scallops to make them heavier. This implies that they may charge more for fewer bags sold.

Scallops, in example, retain water whether they are injected with water or not, and when they are cooked, they can occasionally shrink to half their original size or more and have a rough feel.

Opt to purchase fresh!

Burger Patties

frozen burger patties
Burger Patties

When getting ready for a backyard BBQ, it could be tempting to buy frozen, pre-made burger patties from the grocery. Adrian W. Corkill, senior chef and co-owner of City Post Chophouse in Georgetown, Texas, advised you to rebuff the urge.

Fresh ground beef is always available at the supermarket; the flavor is far superior to that of frozen, according to Corkill. Enjoy with your own spices!

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